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10 Magic Spy Gadget Toy Reviews!


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In this special new Magic Toy Gadgets episode of How To Magic, Evan Era from EvanEraTV teams up with Dennis Roady from howtoPRANKitup channel to show you 10 Magic Spy Gadgets, Gizmos, and Toys from Playlist Live 2016 in Washington DC! Awesome spy themed toys for kids, hidden cameras, cool electronic spy gadgets and spy gear, and a super cool collapsible James Bond spy gun! – you’ll be feeling like 007 in no time! All of these spy gadgets are up for grabs in the magic spy gadget giveaway! (*except the spy rifle*). Super fun spy toys to trick and prank your family and friends, a lot of these spy gadgets can be applied to magic tricks and magic pranks; just use your imagination! πŸ™‚ Let us know your reviews of these magic toys and spy gadgets in the comments below! Thanks for all the amazing love and support on these videos #eraSQUAD be sure to check out Dennis on How To Prank and SUBSCRIBE!! Until next time, stay positive, work hard, and Laugh@Life my friends! L@L πŸ™‚

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Magic Gadgets Reviewed in this Video:
Spy Blacklight Secret Magic Ink Pen – 0:47
Water Dissolving Magic Spy Paper – 1:44
Magic Covert Coin Hollow Trick Quarter – 2:18
Funny Voice Changer Prank Phone Call – 3:09
Hidden Camera HD Spy Wrist Watch – 3:50
Magic See Behind Mirror Sunglasses – 4:47
James Bond Spy Gun AR-7 Explorer – 6:00
Smartphone iPhone Spy Camera Lens – 6:37
Super Bionic Ear Magic Spy Gadget Toy – 7:50

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  1. I want that far away listening thing that you just had at the end of the video and I'm say it one more time applesauce makes me poo poo

  2. L@l I would love the listing gadget because sometimes my family excluded me but I want to know if they are talking about me

  3. Oh yeah fun is cool and you too oh and I have no clue what I am talking about lalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala hahahahahahaha
    this fun wait what lol and L@L and plz can I have that It would be nice but you can give it to who ever you want to

  4. I'm getting on the bus and I'm going out of my app to get my phone to my app I don't know what about you

  5. I love the spy gun that feeds me conversations.Hey,I'll tell you this joke.Who wears a cowboy hat and spurs and lives under the sea?Billy the squid!

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