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10 Things You Never Knew About Bristol


As the most populated city in the southwest, Bristol definitely has plenty of things to recommend itself to visitors and tourists. If you’re planning a holiday to the area, it would help to know a few interesting facts about Bristol. Below, we present you with ten fascinating facts that you probably didn’t know about Bristol.


– Bristol received its Royal Charter in the year 1155. If you’re planning on staying at a Bristol hotel, you’ll find plenty of historic things to see and do; after all, it’s been around for more than 800 years!

– Many famous people were born in Bristol. Some have become obscure over the years, but a few of the more recognisable names include Cary Grant, Michael Redgrave, and Allen Lane. Perhaps the most famous person from Bristol, though, is Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.


– Bristol was narrowly beat by Liverpool for the 2008 European Capital of Culture award. Many people believe Bristol will one day take the title, though


– It has been said that JK Rowling based her character Harry Potter on of a young boy she knew while growing up in Bristol. Also, the popular video game character Lara Croft was created by Bristol native Toby Gard.

– In 2008, Bristol was awarded the “Best City In The UK And Ireland” award by the Academy of Urbanism. As expected, many a hotel Bristol noted an increase in reservations after that happened, and many hotels continue to be steadily booked.


– The first chocolate bar in the world was created right in Bristol. Joseph Fry invented the delicious treat around the year 1720, and his company continues to produce candies and treats to this day, although under the name Cadbury.


– Theatre lovers should take in a performance at the Theatre Royal Bristol. This theatre is the oldest continuously running theatre in Britain; it’s been open since the year 1766.


– A huge portion of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island used Bristol for the backdrop. Stevenson used Bristol for inspiration for many descriptions in the book. Reread the novel before booking your holiday to Bristol to get yourself in the proper frame of mind for your holiday.

– One of the most popular areas in Bristol is its floating harbour; book a stay at a hotel in Bristol near the harbour to take advantage of the many fun things to do there.


– Legend has it that Blackbeard the Pirate was born in Bristol. No official document cites this fact, but many very old and reliable sources do list Bristol as being the hometown of the infamous pirate. He may have been the most famous person born in Bristol.

By Roo Sadegi

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