Home Website Review 11-9 Update- Ratings System and Talking about a Bible Study Site you can use in your Walk with God

11-9 Update- Ratings System and Talking about a Bible Study Site you can use in your Walk with God


Here is an update video i did today talking about why i sometimes disable ratings on my video as well as a website here is the link:

you can sign up for weekly bible studies just enter your email in the subscribe link on the website.

God Bless,


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  1. I understand why you disable the ratings system – I'm cool with that. You can set the comments for friends only so that trollers won't be able to post. That way, not only can your friends comment they can rate your videos by posting "thumbs up!"

    Good bible study site too – thank you!

  2. @MelodyOfVision oh really? well i know how to set it up so i can approve it . anyway i just wanted share things in my walk with God too its a good website ive seen so far

  3. Nice video!

    i got this atheist in my class too, he turned very violent to me when i was challenging his view lol. Very annoying to argue with these people man. The will just shut their ears for your arguments.

    God bless you bro.

  4. Is your belief so weak that it can't stand up to criticism? I understand disabling comments as for no matter what your faith is there will always be trolls. To silence you opponents to post conflicting views robs you of two things. 1st, if whatever you believe is infallibly correct then let them have their say and blow them out of the water. Not doing this shows a lack of security. 2nd, by not hearing opposition you miss the chance of learning something new or finding flaws in your position.

  5. @DrDvids well I would agree with ya the reason I brought it up is because i don't have time to respond to criticism being a College Student if someone has objection online I don't have time go debate someone with youtube when i have Midterms to study for and homework. So it's not that I don't want to or to "weak" I just don't have the time to do it…

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