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15 Tips to Get More Reviews on Google Plus, Yelp & Facebook Online


http://360businessreviews.com Organic Reviews —making sure your business is listed on as many third-party sites as possible, so that customers can find you if they feel like writing reviews spontaneously. One place to start is by making sure you’re listed on all the suggested sites on GetListed.org for free, you can try Yext or UBL Listing services or we provide a more comprehensive submission list for our clients that you can get for as little as $89 per month that includes a digital loyalty program and a lot of other free advertising. Either way, getting more business directory listings can equate to getting more reviews for your business.

ASK! There are a variety of ways to ask and one way is through Social media—in particular, Facebook. Customers often leave reviews on Facebook and they’re usually loyal customers if you engage with them. What’s nice is customers can write reviews on other sites using their Facebook username, which makes it that much easier for them and you. You can also use Facebook to ask for Google Plus reviews by running a contest for likes, shares, or +1’s & reviews on your Google Plus business page, Yelp page etc.
ReviewBiz button—a great way to get an extra trickle of reviews from customers who go to your site. We offer a ReviewBiz badge for all of our SEO clients even on the basic level, and the ReviewBadge brings all the most popular review sites together under one banner. The client can simply choose where he wants to leave a review and it’s that simple. Contact us for more information on a ReviewBiz banner.
Placing Links or clickable images on your site that direct customers who return to your site to Google Plus, Yelp or the popular review sites that enables them to write reviews.
Running Contests from Employees for Reviews or Create Awareness Company Wide – I’ve seen restaurants run promotions for getting reviews though Yelp frowns on promoting reviews. It’s a good idea to approach regular customers that obviously enjoy your business for somewhat obvious reasons
Single-page handouts—a sheet of instructions you can simply hand to customers, which walks them through how to post a review. I actually make handouts for Google reviews, and you can get a free copy over at 360businessreviews.com
Personal email to Friends, Family or Valuable Customers – A simple email with a personal request to that individual, not to a mass mailing for maximum effect. You can also place a link in your email signature with a way for them to leave reviews instead of a bunch of fluff at the bottom of your emails.
My favorite way and the #1 Way is to implement a digital loyalty program and use autoresponder emails to encourage consistent reviews. If you have your customers on an email list through a service like Constant Contact, AWeber or one of our loyalty programs, you can have an email request for a review that goes out automatically. If you already have a digital loyalty program that collects emails or phone numbers, great you can use that to send a request to your customers. If not, you need one for this purpose if nothing else. A digital loyalty program is THE best to connect with your customers on a regular basis.
QR code on a postcard, business cards, stickers or decals—hand or send your customers a little postcard that asks them to review you by scanning a QR code with their smartphones. The QR code would just contain a link to your Google Places page, or a link to your Yelp page, etc. (I’ve included a free QR code generator in the description.)
Giving Out Ad Specialty Products such as Pens, Refrigerator Magnets can be subtle reminders of your business and you can place the QR Code on those products to generate more reviews as well.

Phone calls to Good Clients that may own businesses – kinda old-fashioned, but effective with the right kind of customer.
Preparing the Entrance of Your Store – Place A “We’re a Favorite Place on Google” or “People Love us on Yelp” decal—which you could put near the “Exit” side of your door.

Encouraging reviews in the responses you write to reviews on your Google Places page. Some fraction of the people visiting your Places page will be your current or past customers. They’re likely to read the reviews on your page, as well as your responses (which you should be in the habit of writing!). This is an opportunity to encourage others subtly to write reviews, too. I emphasize subtly.
Leaving Reviews for Other People – Practice the Law of Attraction. This takes some work but seeking out other Google Plus users or active Yelp users that have a business sometimes “get” it. If they don’t, that’s ok. You’re still sending out positive energy to the business community. People notice these things whether you realize it or not and many times others will reciprocate a good review when you leave one for them.

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