Home Car Review 1982 LS Powered DeLorean DMC-12: Regular Car Reviews

1982 LS Powered DeLorean DMC-12: Regular Car Reviews


This is a DMC DeLorean with a General Motors LS4 V8. Yes, an LS swap DeLorean is possible and here is a real one! It’s fast. Too fast for it’s own good.

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  1. Good idea, but as you can see, the engine is way out in the back, which is bad and really bad for the center of gravity, thus will make this car a bit unstable on the turns…

    if he had installed it little be in the center.. moved it closer to the center it would have been perfect…

  2. Old redneck dude with the red shirt In the back of the video looks sad these guys are talking about an LS in a Dolorean while he's stuck with a Nissan Versa.

  3. Wrong: The best delorean possible will be electric. No gearbox to break, insane torque from the beginning. This is the nerds' wet dream. Not the LS.

  4. Seems to be plenty of room (at least on the left side..) to build your own mufflers. With a side inlet they could be much larger.

    Also, I would've thought the biggest problem with a cooling system with long lines would be the circulation… An extra circulation pump might be nice in such case.

  5. I would love to race a stock one against my 1988 Isuzu Impulse for pinks. (both Giugiaro wedges) I wouldn't even be saddened if I lost. But if I did win I'd be like "you mad bro?"

  6. Mass produce this swap kit you beautiful, genius, yet damnably daft nerd!
    These cars DEMAND this type of power. It was criminal that John deloreon put that janky as 6 in there.
    Wait… Didn't he go to prison? I gotta check that sentencing … Maybe it was in fact for criminal underpowering of a gull-winged icon.
    Which I assume is a felony offense.

  7. If I ever owned a Back to the Future Delorean, I would want an LS in it, I'm not sure what engine they used for the sound clips in the movie, but it sure as hell wasn't the stock motor

  8. @RegularCars would you be willing to talk about the 460 big block in depth in one of your videos? not that im a ford circle jerker or anything

  9. just had a thought, they put sti Subaru motors in vw bugs.. why not in a delorean .. I've seen motors that produce sick hp and torque, like the one mighty car mods put in their beetle… plus would fix room issues… it's a thought..

  10. engineers make good money 75 to 100k a year, so thats why this guy could tinker with it , until it was just right, good 4 him

  11. I think a more sensible swap would be a Subaru WRX STi turbo engine and transmission. You can buy a reverse ring and pinion for the 5MT (and I think 6MT) transmission from Subarugears, and block off the PTO. Rear-engined VW's have been using Subaru swaps for years and the available exhaust and other parts and doodads would be easy to adapt to the DeLorean, I think.

  12. Are we talking Sex Pistols or Psycho Sid Vicious? Because I think Psycho Sid Vicious fits the LS much better.

  13. See what I want to know is can you slam the 5.3 liter “LS” (if you want to call it that) from the impala SS, cause you could use the transverse engine and transmission, and have reliability.

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