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1987 Porsche 928 S4: Regular Car Reviews


A Gonzo review of Germany’s idea of an American Style sports car: the Porsche 928 S4

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  1. So do you like it or no? I wish you would give Porsche a real review. If you don't like it give it a trashing like the 944. I don't understand anything you're saying in this review.

  2. Disappointed by the review. It probably would've been better if Mr. Regular didn't speak with that voice through the entire video.

  3. My favorite Porsche. Sucks that they like a few other unknown jewels I loved have now become saught after trendy cars making them no longer cheap and easy to come by…fuck

  4. Maybe the fact that your 928 is FILTHY is a problem that people are HATIN” ON YA…. OR THAT YOU TALK LIKE SOME “NEWS BROADCASTER ASSHAT”

    PICK ANY “ONE”….

  5. This voice reminds me of a Jonny Depp movie, but I can't remember which one…. It has a lot of drug's, a red convertible Cadillac, and Tobey Maguire cameos as a little blond hippie dude hitchhiking. Fuck what's it called?!?!?!? Someone help me with this. Now it's a serious issue in my household. I need to know!!!

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