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1987 Porsche 944s: Regular Car Reviews


We review the over-hyped under-powered middle-child of the Porsche 944, the 944s. This hunk of self-congratulatory populism can’t move under the weight of all its fanboys and white knights. The 944 is a victim of it’s own fandom

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  1. any car can be fixed sound wise with a good designed exhaust. That being said ive had both one of these and a 924s. Both were fun, but i wouldnt track them. Esp the 924:( She was my old man car in ugly arse beige!

  2. Should have found one that didn't have pimp rims and was "stanced" (a stupid, stupid thing to do). Those wheels are definitely throwing off the gearing.

  3. Those were hyped as handling cars in the day not fast ones. The 928s different story. Used to be a blue 5 spd car in the sfv with a nitrous bottle in the hatch. Car moved out. You can build the beans out of those if you have the $

  4. In this episode, Mr reg, who knows very little about auto mechanics or how to drive efficiently, gets upset with car he doesn't understand.

  5. My friend in high school had a lady that lived across the street from him that owned one of these, in red. She was maybe in her mid-20s, super hot, a pure trophy wife, and she'd dress like a ho and then drive me and my friend to the mall. I'll never not like this car because of those memories – no matter what the millennial reviewer has to say.

  6. honestly the most ignorant and unprofessional video about a car i have ever seen on youtube. i can't even take it with a grain of salt. just a waste of data and time. if there are fanboys the are also hateboys .. the engine of that 944S was one the most modern engines in 1988… question: what kind of engines produced the US market at that time ..? sure, in todays standard it's not a fast car … but back in 1988 it surely was! ALL of the transaxle Porsches are perfectly drivable and maybe the best CARS Porsche ever produced. Cars, not sport cars! The later 968 is still a perfect sportscar and I am pleased to see that the focus on that cars is back!

  7. They're a brilliant car to drive. Been in a 924 on British B roads holy shit they're fun. And yeah I guess this is supposed to somehow be funny that he's slagging it off but just no you underestimate it's fun factor

  8. FUN FACT: The 944 is, in fact, an engineering marvel. Porsche found a way to negate the aerodynamic issues associated with "pop-up" headlights by making the car so slow it didn't really matter. As the adage goes, "Necessity is the motherfuc-

  9. You have a pristine 944, wtf and you’re turding on it?

    The car handles well…not fast, but very cool cars.

  10. You forgot to mention that the silent shaft tech they used was from Mitsubishi. Yeah these have relations to the Starions.

  11. It's about balance and driving on twisty roads , also can cruise at 100mph all day long … not getting 5mpg going fast in a straight line.

  12. Thanks for the review! Convinced me to buy one! ( not even joking )

    Such a nugget of a platform for my 20 valve SR20 turbo.

  13. Great car, very underrated for now but prices are going up. It handles incredibly and could run 120 mph all day long in comfort. Its NOT a sports car, it's a GT car.

  14. I dare you to tell me that this narration wasn't done by Mr. DeMartino from Daria. It's that sarcastic, enraged, and frustrated.

  15. man, am I the only one who thinks these things are gorgeous? I mean, yea they weren't that fast but I'd daily the fuck outta this thing if I had one.

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