Home Car Review 1991 Honda Civic ED6 EF Hatch: Regular Car Reviews

1991 Honda Civic ED6 EF Hatch: Regular Car Reviews


Here’s your tuner king. We review the Honda Civic ED6, also knows as the EF Hatch

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  1. Best car I've ever owned. '90 Civic DX Hatch. Bought lightly used in 93, while in the Army. I had a lot of miles on that car, many roadtrips, backseat stories, etc. It's everything you said and more, a perfect car in so many ways. Exceeded all expectations, easy to work on, nothing really ever broke, fun, and not once did I ever consider if the thing was fast enough, or had a big enough engine, or…whatever. I loved and miss it. I recall averaging nearly 40mpg on long trips…no AC and a stick!

  2. A long time ago I was riding home with co-workers after out drinking (with our manager as designated driver) a younger employee couldn't find the button to roll the window down in time. He was in the back seat, and a lot of it went down where the front seat belt comes out at the top.

  3. This makes me feel great cause mine is a year older and in superior condition in comparison.

    199,500KM… Not miles KM!! Top that! And it's tastefully "molested" and a sunroof and PWR STEERING!! Yes pwr steering. But sadly no A/C..

  4. Damn got mine for 1200 and got a Integra GSR motor put that in it lol good times kinda like the crx yup

  5. I'm very proud having this car. Mine's not the hatchback but a sedan with a sunroof and a spoiler. Powered by fuel-injected non-vtec D15B make around 102 hp. The cool thing about EFs is that it has independent double-wishbone suspension, which is very rare at the time.

  6. The mid 80s CRV was a cool car – I have no idea why anyone would think this is anything but a boring piece of trash.

  7. You can tell RCR is based in the rust belt by his comments on how rare these are. While not particularly common out on the west coast, I still seem to find new nice examples of stock ones every time I search for them on CL, as well as seeing even more around town. Now an unmodified SI model of this or the 3rd gen? That'll be a hard car to find.

  8. I wish ricers would leave hondas alone…go ruin other cars like a mustang…no one likes them anyways!

    I love stock unmolested hondas!…and i do love REAL!!! builds also…not ricer

  9. They still make solid, simple, fun, cheap, odd cars like this (or at least did in 2013) when I bought my Mazda5 sport manual, which is a genuinely fun to drive minivan / wagon (depending on your viewpoint), and it cost me $18k out the door.

  10. Review a Civic Wagovan 🙂 but careful… it grows on you, kinda like the mildew grows on the vinyl seats!

  11. I have 2 1990&1991 Honda Civic DX sedans. Both are EXAACT TWINS of each other, white w blue cloth interiors, both w A/C. "Eileen" (91) was Dad's 35th wedding anniversary present to my now 90-yr old mom. Mom got a new Civic in 2010, so out of 5 brothers, I was the one who inherited it as the other 4 bro's didn't WANT it. Then I found Eileen's TWIN 5 yrs ago 50miles away from me on CraigList. Had to buy "Rhonda". I love BOTH of 'em. The DX sedans are CULT cars, although I do like to see the 88-91 Hatchback drive past me on occasion. Don't know what's under their hoods, don't care…they just keep on drivin like Energizer Bunnys.

  12. its really sad how today, you can't even buy a base model car, you can't even ask for the full price of the car, they all want you to pay a freaking rent for it…

    the used market can't be in a better position at this point

  13. How do I contact the maker of this video? He needs to review a 1977 Honda CVCC. They were indestructible; I used to off-road one.

  14. Couldn't find if anyone else already mentioned this but you're wrong about the MR2. The usdm model is AW15 not AW11. Don't see why it matters though. I think it is an easy shorthand to go by the JDM model number so long as there aren't significant market differences.

  15. just bought a 91 ED6 EF hatch Canadian model. and it has a zc motor with clean title, for 200 dollars today. I cant wait to have fun in this thing.

  16. My car was a 1962 Nova Sedan (piece of shit) but then my second car was a 1990 Civic DX Hatch (great car for almost 10 years until I was hit head on by a drunk). Then I bought a CX that was also great.

  17. She vomited into the air vent.
    into the air vent.
    This is why teenage girls should not be allowed to own cars. (don't worry SJWs, there are plenty of reasons why teenage boys shouldn't be allowed to own cars either.)

  18. Kinda weird that we're bashing this civic and heaping praise on the EH Hatch. What am I missing?

  19. I bought one of these a little over a year ago after watching your video. I knew I wanted one, but you saved me from getting an EG hatch. I love my little ED7. Thank you <3

  20. Had ED7 (I think) with 1,6 engine for 3 years. 0-100kph in 9 seconds, not great, not terrible – FUN to boot. And it stood to the tag line all right, absolutely never left me without a car. I neglected it a lot, it still drove without problems.
    Ever since I sold it in 2010, I still have this thought that I would buy one again if I could find one with a good body and reasonable price tag. Or maybe get a Prelude from the same year and rebuild it completely…

  21. I really want one of these, this review actually was all positive about this car. I hope I can find one for sale by the time I begun car hunting

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