Home Car Review 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser Owners Review (Best SUV For The Money?)

2000 Toyota Land Cruiser Owners Review (Best SUV For The Money?)


Let’s take a look at my 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser and talk about why these are a great deal on the used market.

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The 100 series Toyota Land Cruiser was introduced in 1998, it was refreshed with a 4.7 liter V8 giving it more power, torque and towing capacity than the previous model. It features a body on frame design unlike many of the newer SUVs which gives it a rigid chassis for off roading, modifying and towing.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is known for its reliability, this is exactly what you want if you are off roading or overloading. You do not want to worry about getting stuck 10 miles into the forest with a broken down vehicle.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a very sought after vehicle for its multi purpose functionality, general reliability and off road capabilities.

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  1. Just bought a 2013 200 series… amazing vehicle with unmatched build quality!!! You'll easily get another 150k+ miles out of it.

  2. Congratulations on your purchase.  It is a great vehicle.  I owed 3 of them from the FJ80, and two 100 series.  One just like yours, and one 105R Diesel, with the ambulance doors, and dual fuel tanks for trips to remote areas.  The rear seats in your model are like a third row and face forward.  What is referred to as the Japanese model, with the ambulance doors, like my 105R, the third-row seats face each other.  On both models, the seats are collapsible onto themselves to give you more storage room in the back.

  3. How has it been holding up so far. Want to get a 2004 LC with 63kmiles for 20k $. Sound like a good deal?

  4. Will land cruiser last more than tahoe/Denali/sierra/f150? I know a lot about land cruise but I just wanna know how LC compares to American suvs?

  5. How about and update? Still running sound? Any expensive repairs? What kind of real world MPG have you seen with freeway driving?

  6. When you floored it your mileage dropped to about 2 mpg. 🙂 I have a 2002 Land Cruiser and I love the visibility and how you look down on the hood. Newer vehicles you sit so low you don't even see the hood.

  7. I' m in London, UK. Have a 1998 Landcruiser Amazon with a 4.2 Turbo Diesel and auto box. I have had it for 4 years with only 150,000mls. A beautiful vehicle and I get around 32mpg with careful driving. Recommended.

  8. I still don't get it. I've looked at a few and they just feel like small and cheap junk..

  9. third world country and yet Mitsubishi created a car that was named Pajero.

  10. I have a 2015 Sr5p 4runner 4×4, I should be perfectly happy… But DAMN IT these land cruisers are something else…

  11. I had my heart set on an 80 series. but the stronger engine, the better gas mileage, and more room in the 100 series has been making me lean towards that side. not to mention they are taken care of a lot better than most 80s. I'll be doing overlanding instead of heavy rock crawling and all that. any opinions anyone?

  12. No one in US who makes $250k buys a Toyota. They go for Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Masaratti, Tesla, etc.

  13. Are you still getting 16MPG now? How many owner the car had before you bought it? Just want to see if this is a factor may influence the MPG.

  14. Why you can't select rear wheel drive mode in these cars
    I think it's much better to be able to turn off 4wd on the road

  15. The vents are sort of a relief for when you shut the doors with the windows up. Eliminates that ear thing that happens

  16. Great comments, spot on. I have a year 2000 Land Cruiser. Rear seat fold up to the side but face forward when in place and seat 3

  17. I was wondering if you still had the Land Cruiser? And do you have any further thoughts? I am Thinking about buying one.

  18. I paid less than $8000 for my 09 sienna limited with 93k miles and it gets around 17 mpg combined, it actually looks alot like that land cruiser, the seats, steering wheel, etc and probably has more interior space and everything is cheaper to repair or replace … just can't do heavy off roading in it … 15 cup holders, I don't think you can beat that!

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