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2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser: Regular Car Reviews


We review the long-hated. Chrysler PT Cruiser. Why does car-culture hate the PT Cruiser so much? We dive into it. This is a long review but there’s a lot to go over. Also there’s a Joe Rogan shout out.

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  1. I love your style of videos and your humorous yet informational reviews, You should do a review Honda Crz

  2. I would like to see a PT Cruiser have more than 100K on it. Chrysler raped people for almost a decade with the stupid engine design and a very poor cooling system.
    Some of the details on the suspension system make me wonder how did they put it to production and how did they pulled it off for 10 years.

  3. That was interesting as fuck!! I would love to see a review on a Fiat Multipla, Pontiac Aztec or other ridiculous looking car!

  4. Do you have another channel where you talk about such observations and analyses about art or society or something?

  5. This is the car I learned how to drive in. I like to think it built character. Its impossible for a 17 year old to think theyre hot shit when driving this car.

  6. I just realized.. you write your own script and write your own song for your own footage. The most hard working car review content on Youtube ever?

  7. My dad’s PT Cruiser was totaled just sitting in front of our house on a suburban street, in the middle of the afternoon, on a sunny day by a distracted driver a few months after my dad lost his leg. It never did anything wrong. Sure it was everything wrong with Chrysler at the time, it got horrible gas mileage for something it’s size and turned like a boat but it was a good car. Also this was filmed in Lancaster. Longs Park is about five minutes from my house also I’m gonna pimp my channel here if you want to hear the death wail of a PT Cruiser being unceremoniously dragged onto a rollback it’s on my channel.

  8. Used to see bugs and PT cruisers everywhere back in my highschool days, but now you don't see any on the road where I'm at unlike other cars of that age. I'm guessing they all died out. XB's as well.

  9. My friends mom had a metallic blue PT Cruiser and his dad, who is an airplane mechanic, slapped the best Mopar air filter he could on that thing. Lets just say that was interesting.

  10. PT Cruiser was my first car. When people gave me shit, I’d laugh it off and say “It’s a Chrysler! That’s a luxury hatchback.” I don’t care what anyone says. I learned to drive in that car and it treated me right. It was a decent first car

    That said, good video.

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