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2004 Ducati Monster S2R 800 | Owners Review


Little review of my brothers Ducati Monster S2R while riding around the beautiful Welsh countryside.

Filmed by Tim Aitken-Smith Snr
Edited by Tim Aitken-Smith Jnr

Music: http://www.bensound.com

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  1. by the way, excellent review, you should work on sound/imagequality and I could easily see you being a bike journalist. keep it coming, really good work.

  2. Great review. I have a 749s that I am selling for the same exact gearing reasons you mentioned on this review. You hit the nail on the head perfectly when describing how the bike "will feel that you are not using it to it's potential and it will constantly remind you of that fact". Well said. My exact feeling and you nailed it.

  3. Thanks for the review !The mirrors kick ass!what are they ?iv always wanted an s2r ..had a 696 …no probs commuting ,tho!And thats central london i am talking about !I wonder how the s2r compares to the 696 in terms of acceleration…thoughts?

  4. Had a 2008 S2R1000, best bike ive ever had. Air cooled engine is one of the best Ducati ever made. Bought at 4,200 miles on the clock, stolen at 43,000 miles and never had a single problem. Would have another.

  5. Some other points to consider: Notice the use of fragile plastics everywhere (even the 'glasses' in the dashboard that fog up with the first bit of rain and crack as soon as the season changes!). Points in the beauty contest will be deducted for the use of countless tie-wraps to hold down the wiring loom, and the fact that the S2R did not get the front and rear Brembo Goldline brakes (as seen on the cheaper 620ie!) just to keep the cost of the bike down. The plastic tank is known to warp at the spot where you fit your knees. There is a flimsy clip that holds down the tank, and the engine halves are painted with the thinnest layer of grey paint that will blister from the inside out in about 15K, right at the spot above the catalytic converter. (That looks like a cows utter btw!) That is provided that you only ride it on summer days. The pillion seat will hold a passenger for no more than one hour. And have you ever tried to keep white rims squeaky clean?? You cant use an oil filter cap wrench because the exhaust pipe is in the way. Timing belts need replacing every 2 years (or every 20K) ..so by the time your done polishing you are due for another relatively pricey maintenance service at the dealership. 🙂 That said.. and being owner of a 2004 620IE for more than 5 years….Yes, I still want one! 🙂

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