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2005-2010 Toyota Avalon review | Consumer Reports


The quiet and comfortable Toyota Avalon has a limo-like rear seat. Fuel economy is a surprise, but don’t expect sporty handling. Watch our latest review of the Toyota Avalon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcyu0psKVnk

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  1. the interior looks a bit boring and cheap dont ya think? Also it has a stuck accelerator…..

  2. @FordNissanChevy Well, you can go drool in your vulgar taurus, boring maxima, and your just stupid ass impala

  3. Congratulations sir for winning the competition for saying "Luxurious" the most number of times during a video 🙂

  4. Avalon is not sporty, but it IS luxurious because its ride is super comfortable. Truly a relaxing car. Avalons engine is extremely quiet too. Very nice.

  5. I just bought my 2005 Toyota XLS and she is a gorgeous car ! She drives like a dream and floats down the road as if on a cloud . This is by far the nicest car that I have ever owned !

  6. I have a friend who owns a 2007 Toyota Avalon Limited and I absolutely love riding in her car, I was really happy for her that she'd gotten that car and she really enjoys driving it as well, it definitely feels like riding in a Lexus

  7. I bought my 2005 Toyota Avalon XLS in October 2015. It was in great shape mechanically and cosmetically…and, I practically stole it for $8,500. It is an excellent car all around. Also, I have gotten nearly 30mpg on long highway stretches. Comfort, style, luxury, Toyota reliability, for a reasonable price. …and, for those who go on and on about "buying American," it was manufactured in Georgetown, Kentucky. In fact, ALL Avalons are made in the US.

  8. Still driving 2000 Avalon with 304 miles on it! This car floats on the road. And never gonna be selling this.

  9. i have a 03 Toyota Avalon but I want me a 2010 Avalon but if I can fine me a 2010 i well keep me 2003 Avalon love my Toyota

  10. I have a 2005 Avalon, Touring that I bought brand new (Silver exterior, Black interior). The car only has 33K on it due to a change in plans right after I bought it. Pretty good for a 15 year old car.

  11. Have a 2006 Avalon Limited handed down to me for college. This car is way too nice for someone like me to be driving. I've gotten out of my speeding phase after learning about hypermiling, though I'm an amateur when it comes to practicing that. Going on 130K miles and learning how to keep it looking nice and doing maintenance on it to get me through the school years and hopefully beyond.

  12. Its actually value wise better than a Lexus..and gonna out last trouble free this is the one to own!

  13. My favorite part of the video was watching this in my bedroom and then leaving my bedroom going outside and getting in my 2007 Toyota Avalon

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