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2005 Cadillac XLR: Regular Car Reviews


We review the 2005 Cadillac XLR and think about how this is a slumlord’s idea of a “Rich Person’s Car.”

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  1. As one of those aging people you're joking about I can tell you the reason the XLR exists is not all of us want plastic bodies

  2. Just saw an XLR today in the Ann Arbor area. Can’t remember the last time I saw one on the road before today.

  3. I actually really like this car. Looks like a good blend of comfort and performance. But I would never buy one because I don't trust GM.

  4. I used to see these all the time in 2005 and 2006, its funny in the 00s even when cars were cool they weren't

  5. I had no idea that this car had a Northstar motor I did think it was a different motor I have seen very nice ones…..but I know everything about the problems with the North Star in that they were junk from the beginning I've worked on a hundred and sixty two of them in at eight year period, and I've seen the poor engineering and design involved in the North

  6. I have this car in red (officially named Crimson Pearl). I love it. There are two others riding around Fort Lauderdale, one is silver, the other is blue. This car still turns heads, I will tell you that! It is fun to drive! You need to take good care of them and they are expensive to fix if something goes wrong. Definitely don’t agree with the smarmy narration, but I also don’t take myself too seriously either.

  7. Omg. As a Cadillac owner, Cts and Escalade this video is exponentially on point. Fuck the xlr. I do not ever want to one again.

  8. Was interested in getting one until I found out the v model was still North star, so I bought a gen1 ctsv instead. they look fantastic and are affordable but can't get past that North star.

  9. Owner of XLR , Corvettes and
    Mercedes, XLR far superior awesome car. Dude you have no clue. XLR Suspension adopted bY Mercedes and Ferrari. Owner who is still in love with my XLR

  10. You grew up as a car dealer in the dealer days! There is no way you could know so many things about so many random cars……for real no other way….I am a dealer and grew up in the business as few American born people did in this age and you're totally right about 90% of what you say! Keep it up

  11. Northstar is poop timing belt? Yuck. Waste a cool name on this turd motor,that's extremely annoying. Manual transmission? Of course not.

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