Home Car Review 2005 Yamaha YZF-R6: Regular Car Reviews

2005 Yamaha YZF-R6: Regular Car Reviews


We review a horrible first bike: the Yamaha R6. Gugh! If you get this as a first bike you are a Dumb-Dumb.

Dummy, dum dum dum bro-dum. Ugh, you’re the type of dumb that buys a motorcycle without a title and buys a helmet from the Dirt Mall.

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  1. I got lucky and got a 08 r6s for 2300$ with 10k miles. Bout to sell it for I can get the r6r, I'm excited!

  2. The beginning of this video was a word by word perfect representation of what happen to a friend of mine. Sold it a year later after wrecking 3 times.

  3. First bike was a late 80's Yamaha XS 600. Not very powerful but it rode like a dream, never had to fight it. Inherited my dads '78 1100 XS & I've grown into it nicely though it feels a tad too heavy. But my dream bike is a VMAX! They're so gorgeous 😍

  4. Modern 600's are all that. Honestly, don't know why people get them-except- fun toy for dopey kids. By circumstances beyond my control, ended up on a Triumph Daytona triple 675. Nuts. Twitchy. Had to pay attention all the time. Felt stupid, puttering around town. Why go to the mall on a race bike? Gone in less than a year.

  5. My first bike, 2 years later i havent dared to touch the 13-14k rpm uptil 6k its very tame, 6 – 10k is insanity already let alone the top ranges. This bike has so many ways of deliviring power and u have it al in your grip. I respect it!

  6. Got an 05 R6 as my first bike. Never road anything bigger than a 125 dirt bike maybe 3 times. I do good.

  7. Lol there is hardly any torque at redline dude, come on get real….These are not bad for a first bike…..Now a V-twin or V4 1000cc sportsbike can get you hurt quick…

  8. Sounds like you went down on an r6 due to rider error and now you're projecting your emotional wounds on the world by way of shitty punchlines and insults.

    600cc's is not too much bike for a beginner. Respect the machine you're controlling. Respect the road. Respect other drivers. Buy GOOD safety gear. And remember that motorcycling is a defensive sport, 2 wheels vs. 4 wheels, you lose every time.

  9. i started on a xsr900. been fine.. all about the mentality of the rider. i put my shit in b mode for the first riding season now im in std and a havent been down.

  10. Because you may lane split freely here in LA, I would rather hear you from 5 car lengths away than accidentally hit you. Because although I will look, I may not always see a motorcycle, both in mirrors and in glance. You are too small, and too quick an object to perceive. The lights help, but ultimately I do hear motorcycles coming before I see where they're coming from. It then causes me to start checking my mirrors, and the difference is that I mindfully check for motorcycles. There is a case to be made, however, about the sound becoming too obnoxious. I agree. There needs to be some balance between the distance from where cars can hear you coming, and a tasteful motorcycle exhaust tone.

  11. It's so hard deciding what I want for my first bike.
    I'm torn between the R3 & Ninja 650

  12. I saw a bike here on youtube that did 1200+HP and didnt get into 2nd until over 150mph

  13. Can someone tell me what the heck the "ninja of 2091" is because it sounds so stupid I have to know

  14. i’m way too big to be on a 250 why does everyone say get a 125/250 the bike is riding me how much bigger i am than it

  15. This was literally my first bike when I turned 16. I can't believe I made it out of my teens.

  16. I got a 1998 Yamaha yzf600r about a month ago and I love it. I just want to take off all the fairings and add a new headlight to make it a naked bike and then it will be perfect to me.

  17. I’m not stupid enough to get something like this as a first bike haha. I got a CBR650 and it’s kept me satisfied for 18 months. The R6 is definitely something to work up to.

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