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2006-2013 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Review | Consumer Reports


Despite its name, the Range Rover Sport is based on Land Rover’s LR3. It is biased towards on-road handling with suppressed body lean, but lacks the sporty handling of some competitors. The Range Rover Sport is pleasant to drive. But its heavy weight hurts fuel economy and acceleration.

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  1. 14mpg and slow!
    What a disappointment that they are still making such a yuppie trophy. Looks great.
    62K is a loss.

  2. Another thing I noticed from some one i know who has one, the tires wear out unevenly and fairly quickly, the mechanic said it's a ford issue, but I'm not sure.

  3. I have watched a few reviews by this guy and whenever he looks at a member of the Landrover, family he always has a negative edge about him. The Range Rover Sport is an amazing 4×4, I have had mine since i was 17 and it's great vehicle. I love the way he felt about low mpg, with all due respect those people that can afford to buy one of these don't buy them for the fuel economy. You buy one because you want an amazing 4×4 that is safe, well put together, top of it's class, not another cheap im

  4. Hey man! Very nice review of the Range rover! Very helpful! Oh and btw I also a did a review on the supercharged one and I was wondering if you could give me your advice on my video! Thanks in advance and  great continuation.

  5. Your 'unbiased'review is bullshit. Plenty of space in the rear? lol give me a break. So much for journalistic integrity…

  6. Side note:

    are you tired of paying 20 – 30$ for a lap dance…start paying ten dollars for a lap dance and by this time next year we will get it down to five. Alright team break!

  7. I’ve been looking at Land Rover 2012 supercharge but after seeing all the bad reviews I don’t know. Can I get some advice

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