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2007-2012 Nissan Altima Review | Consumer Reports


The Nissan Altima offers good performance, comfort, and fuel economy. Electronic Stability Control comes standard on all trim lines.

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  1. Yes she does have good communication until she said 7 MPG for the consumption of the HYBRID lol I think she messed it up on that part

  2. @rnorred1986 that is true sometime when coming 2 a stop. thats the cvt getting out of the overdrive gear when the vehicle gets just below 20mph. the car slows down for u rapidly then all of a sudden u have 2 push the brakes harder once the transmission detaches from the engine..

  3. I just bought this car at 147k miles, white smoke coming out of the engine and catyltic converter has to be replaced, 730$ to replace the converter and who knows to fix the white smoke, i finally saved up to get a car and this stuff happens, im almost of of money.. Wtf am i suppose to do now?

  4. I drove a 07 Altima 2.5 S for four years & just sold it earlier this year. It was a fun car, but the CVT had big problems & needed to be replaced at one point. It also had battery problems here & there. I have to admit that 4-cylinder had amazing power, felt punchy like a V6 & never felt underpowered. I now drive a 2015 Toyota Camry V6 & it's a lot faster, feels much more refined & will likely be a whole lot more reliable.

  5. I have a question there's a guy out here selling a Nissan Altima with 200,000 miles on it for 3700 is that a good deal and is it safe to buy it knowing it has over 200,000

  6. I just bought one of these today as a second car. It's a 2007 2.5S with 118k miles. Seems to be running great and nothing weird happens while driving, and no smoke in the exhaust. I'm hoping I made a good decision.

  7. Nissan v bad and non friendly. High unwanted service charges from those Nissan Service center

  8. I have a 3.5 SL and it has been good to me since 08 . Did replace transmission but it was covered under warranty. 158k on the dash and still run great, I plan on getting to 200k before I buy a brand new one ……

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