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2008-2010 BMW 535i Review | Consumer Reports


Watch our BMW 535i review with this video from Consumer Reports and get more car info on our website: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/index.htm Our trained drivers enjoyed pushing this BMW to its limits on Consumer Reports’ test track.

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  1. oh yeah, I have a closed track in my backyard and do power slides all the time.


    Thanks for bragging about your cool ass job.

  2. I own the 535i xDrive. I see reviews that say the iDrive sucks but in a day or two of driving it seems very natural and there is voice control for most features. I think it gets trashed in reviews because the reviewers use it for an hour once every couple of years. BTW this car rocks.

  3. the engine start button is standard on race cars. bmw typically goes for performance and luxury, so the button start is only trying to make it more sporty.

  4. I laugh at how it is taking these "car experts" 9 years to figure out BMW's i-drive lol.

    I'll admit, it was a bit tedious on my car at first, but the system is totally mastered in less than a weeks use and i know almost every control like the back of my hand.

    Not to mention, interfaces from Audi's MMI, Mercedes' COMAND unit, and Infiniti are virtually just as complex and they aren't getting half the criticism BMW is getting for i-Drive.

  5. WOW!!! is push button really that hard to do? if anything its a little quicker. And on older BMW models such as my e38, you didn't have to hold the key and wait for the engine to start. Turn the key one time and it starts on its own.

  6. i have a 2010 x5 and the idrive is awesome. I think they heard the consumer's pain and decided to make it easier…a lot easier. and the shifter is easy to use too

  7. i-drive is bitch, Lexus and infiniti do similar things a lot esier. Those who complain about Americans being dumb etc. are simply the cheuvanist europeans who can not digest the idea that Japanese left them behind not only in engineering but also in practicality as well. Germans, French and Brits, admit it you are not the best actually with such an attitude consider yourselves lucky if you are not the dirtiest.

  8. american reviewers love any bmw's, but in europe, for some reason, they dont love it as much, maybe even hating some of them. Why???

  9. @Descartes619 Yeah, I guess the style, comfort, safety, and combination of ride/handling w/o harshness qualifies as "not much else".
    Some of us don't need to drive around sitting on a plush sofa cushion, detached from the road. To each his own.

  10. @MrPman851 You surely don't own a BMW!!! It's soo easy to use, you'll get used to it after 5 minutes of using it. If you can't use that you must have not yet finished primary school.

  11. You don't need the key in the holder to start .. If you have the key on you all you need to do is press the start button … The only time you need the key in the holder is to charge it … I guess you need to own one to review the tech properly

  12. Oh no! you have to look at the light on the knob to see what gear you're in, quite complaining bitch

  13. My uncle just gave me this for my first car and i love it. The Sport Package with the paddle shifters is amazing and the back seats are insanely comfortable. and once you get used to the idrive its not that bad even though it could be improved.. a lot

  14. this man talk how the tahoe had electric steering , and it was not good, but the bmw have it to , but he says its good, cause its a german car, tha man must of born in germany, oh he can down size american cars,

  15. This guy is kind of a D-Bag. But seriously, I've owned a 2006 530i, 2003 325i, and 2007 X3 and the cars are awesome. I've shopped them against 3ers and the 3 definitely has them beat agility-wise. But for those of us that have kids or a need to put a couple of people in the backseat, the 5 is the perfect car. If you've never driven a 5 series – or BMW – you just can't underestimate how awesome the steering and accelerator response is. Test drive one of these cars. Tracked at Road Atl – FUN

  16. I don't have to insert the key in my 550i to start.  As long as the key is in the car, all I have to do is press on the brake and push the start button.   This guy is soft.  I have no problem with the shifter or iDrive.   

  17. The 550i was obsolete when the 535i arrived. Twin turbo. N54 = Best engine ever. Lots of tuning potential.

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