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2008-2010 Subaru WRX STi review | Consumer Reports


The STi is very fast, has lots of grip, and the hatchback adds utility. Unfortunately the handling doesn’t live up to the cars potential. Watch more free car videos: http://bit.ly/PKfgsf

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  1. Subaru has done a good job refining the STI. That's what keeps people coming back to the brand. Nice looking car too.

  2. If by "refining" you mean making it fatter, slower, softer and easier for the average useless driver to use, your right…

  3. If by "refining" you mean making it slower, fatter, softer and easier to drive for the average useless driver, then yes its refined….

  4. What's up with the hand flapping. I'll admit I absolutely abhorred the new redesign, but over time I grew to like it, even love it over the old 04-07 frame, this coming from a 07 Impreza owner. Man I need to save my $45000.

  5. what miata has 305 horsepower????????? awd?????????? rally based chassis?????? sorry, miata downright sucks.

  6. consumerreports should never do reviews on sports cars again. please understand that u DO expect engine noise when ur driving a Sports car. and sti not able to handle snow???? pleaseee i do donuts with mine in the snow..

  7. This guy is true, in 2009 Subaru didn't do so well with the STi, but now they've brought their game up a little bit.

  8. I wish they tested the sedans over the hatch's, they look so much nicer.. I love my sti sedan, best purchase in my life.

  9. @drowboy21 wait for the ringland to fail they have these issue since they release the sti and subaru ignore to fix this

  10. Are you guys going to test any of the freshenings of the STI, or are you going to wait till the next gen STI comes out?

  11. Other then Europeans and young punks who want to race down main street while risking lives, who in the world is going to buy this??

  12. this is what happens with stupid copyright laws, people are forced to make bad music for their videos – 1:58 cue the nintendo music

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