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2010-2012 Honda Accord Crosstour Review | Consumer Reports


Based on the Accord sedan, the Crosstour is pleasant to drive but difficult to classify. Its hatchback design improves cargo versatility, but the styling limits rear visibility.

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  1. I am glad that there is an alternative to the Type II diabetic SUV's

    You know you are what you drive on the road. Do you really want people thinking that you need a V10 or V8 to haul your fat ass family around. hopefully more cars like this will make people realize that their cars encourage them to be FAT ass pig dogs.

  2. That front overhang is ginormous. This would be a lot more practical if they just made a wagon, but then they'd be butting heads with Subaru. They should make an entry-level version, too. It aught to start in the low 20's.

    BTW- wagons don't have to be dorky. Look at the Audi A4 Avant. While the swoopy design sacrifices some of the wagon utility, the outcome is a car that looks even better than the sedan! Same can be said for the BMW 5-series.

  3. i dun like this car shape.. but i wanna see some of the crosstour features in the honda accord sedan.. the rear view camara and awd

  4. I think it looks cool, and I applaud Honda for pushing the styling envelope harder than any competitive brands.

  5. Nice looking car. Not great viewing through back windshield. Ive had 3 Honda's over the years. Searching for that newcomer Honda that would make me buy one. But nothing excites me yet. Crosstour seems pricey, might as well upgrade to an Acura version and get more standard options.

  6. I want one…just can't afford it. It would have been nice if they would offer one in an LX trim, so it could start around $25K.

  7. I think many people misunderstand the point of this car. Its supposed to act as an alternative to hatchbacks and SUVs. Offering 4wd (a quality usually only seen in hatchbacks and suvs, but not unheard of in sedans) and a huge comfy, almost luxurious interior. This car is just meant to be another practical choice for those who can afford it.

  8. 20 mpg is rather disappointing when you consider the sophistication of Accord's V6. You are paying for the technology but you actually get not much out of it. Other than its high price, it is a very likable car to drive.

  9. Actually, I checked out Honda's site, and the EX-L version on the website has the back-up camera without the need of the Navi systerm as of the '12 model.

  10. I drive an '08 accord, and frankly speaking, I really don't like the looks of the cross tour. Don't get me wrong I love my accord. over the last few months I have been looking for a crossover vehicle because I need the AWD capability (having to live in Canada) but I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for gas. So I found myself inside a toyota dealership the other night (just to find out they are having a factory clearout event) and got myself a Venza. Haha!

  11. @MrStarman1978 I think Outback, Venza, or even Flex (much bigger) are better cars. But you got to give Honda a credit for trying.

  12. @mercedescl No we really don't. I would have given honda credit if they did the right thing and killed this monstrosity and gave us a proper accord wagon instead of making us pay the TSX wagon prices for an accord wagon. A proper accord wagon and I can almost forgive the 2012 civic and Si.

  13. I love my 2012 Crosstour. I like it so much Im making it a hero car in my next zombie film. Now if only Honda would sponsor that Id be made.

    Seriously and enjoyable versatile car. The styling is sexy and I love driving it.

  14. Saw this when it first came out…I loved it, but the wife hated it. When it came time to turn in lease on Accord V-6 coupe, she was surprised how much she like it in black. 2 months later and we LOVE our EX-L 4WD! It is a great car and because it didn't sell initially, we got an awesome deal due to reductions. I agree with everything the video reports except that we have a back up camera but no navigation. Its a very nice station wagon…though the wife hates that I call it that.

  15. I love the Crosstour. But Honda needs to do something with its fuel economy and fast. They put a 6-speed in for the V6, but not for the 4 cylinder? Plus, even Hyundais have 6-speeds these days. I can remember when Hondas meant good fuel economy.

    I know Honda won't put in a diesel, but seriously, bump up the transmission to at least a 7-speed!

  16. bad fuel economy…really? you need to look at their cars again. And i'm sure lots of cars have a 7 speed option 😉

  17. I agree! Pictures and videos don't do justice to its unique but sporty styling! I love the Crosstour!

  18. I just bought a crosstour and I got to say, I love everything about the car (in black). I say that because in my opinion no other color looks "right" from behind, exterior-wise. Maybe its the split glass or the continuity of lines. All in all I love my crosstour (in black) and enjoy the ride very much.

  19. I am so surprised at how many drivers, especially the test drivers do not know how to adjust mirrors correctly to avoid all blind spots. if side mirrors will move out more, well move them out.

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