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2010-2012 Mercedes-Benz GLK critique | Customer Experiences


Irrespective of a lot of options and a lot of electric power, the Mercedes-Benz GLK falls brief of the ideal little luxury SUVs. Access is tricky and the controls are intricate. Look at much more luxury SUV videos:


  1. Lol… if some of you only knew.

    This car was built to cater to fashionable and self-conscious upper-middle-class DINKs, and many commenters here are playing right to the stereotype. This is pretty much a tall, flashy C-Class wagon in a pretty, designer-brand package that rides and handles like crap.

    I'd love to know what it does "great" besides being a new SUV with a three-pointed star up front.

    Don't worry, they'll sell heaps of them, but that doesn't make it any good at any one thing.

  2. Okay, seriously, love how the highest rated comments are calling this guy an idiot, he's a specialist for vehicle and reviews who works for consumer reports, which I'd always trust.

    I really don't find any of the comments left radical, a mercedes is a mercedes but certainly does NOT mean the vehicle is perfect!!!

    (gave your comment a thumbs up Drive571, didn't know that!! 🙂

  3. i have a 2007 ML-350 and i also love the way it rides.
    It's very cushy and the seats are VERY soft.

  4. this is an suv so i dont know why he expects it to handle like a c or e class sedan, if you look at the specs posted on consumer reports the emergency handling is 53mph which i think is pretty good for an suv…once again this isnt a sedan, i dont think this guy realizes that

  5. This guy is giving almost the same review another consumer report driver did to the Volvo XC60. You cannot compare this small suv over a larger one.

  6. I actually drive this car quite often (my family owns one) and this guy is wrong about the way the car drives. The stability control is great and the steering actually feels tight and connected giving me a lot of confidence while driving it. Everything that he said about the second row seat, however, is true as well as the cargo area

  7. @olverafam shut up this is the best suv germany makes the best cars on the world im living in germany!!!

  8. @motoandroid3 Please learn to translate English properly before mouthing off to someone.

  9. Plastics are all right as long as they don't break and fit nicely over the wheel base, rear bumper and front bumper.

  10. I own a glk, and before that I owned some other mercs ( a c-klass, an e-class…). And his comment about the ride quality is bullshit. The car handles really well!. I own the car for about 8months now, and i can already say that this is the best mercedes I've ever had

  11. Rich people don't ever carpool other adults… They only drive their kids so the small room makes sense.

  12. If you need to carry people around or a lot of cargo room, you buy an M-Class…
    Obviously the controls are spread out, what else would you like them to put on the CONTROL unit? And the handling of this car is just like every other Merc. I've driven the C, M, and GLK classes, and driving was the same across the board. Don't listen to this fool, the car is excellent.

  13. If you buy a GLK, obviously you're not going to need large cargo space or carry a bunch of passengers…that's what the ML and GL are for….consumerreports is……..

  14. When the car reviver says that MB is most famous for its C and E class cars, you know he is not very good at what he does.

  15. This guy is a complete idiot. First Mercedes is known for its S and SL then the E and C. Now second Mercedes is known for being over engineered…..thats a good thing it means it will last a long time. I borrowed one of these from the dealer when my CLK was in getting serviced and I thought it drove and handled well. This reviewer needs to better understand the Mercedes Brand, then maybe he'll get what they are trying to do.

  16. While he is annoying,..he's not an idiot. I went to test drive an off-lease GLK (and other M-Bs) yesterday, and most of what he said is true.
    I'm 6'3(192cm) and while the drivers position is really great, there is almost NO legroom for anyone behind me. The reviewer UNDERESTIMATED the strange, disconnected steering. The steering is super light and with almost zero feedback.
    Yet the new C250's steering was rather well sorted. It makes me think that the GLK was a "money grab" by M-B.

  17. I have the newly redesigned 2013 and am completely happy with it. Im 5'9 and have no problem fitting at the back seat (after adjusting the front driver seat for myself). Performance and handling is A+. If you want sports handling wrapped in luxury and not too big of an SUV; this is the car for you. My only complain is that rear cup holders are only available if theres only two passengers at the back. I have three kids so the rear fold down cupholders from the back rest is not available.

  18. So you pay 40k + for a small SUV that has very crappy utility, the same interior room of a Mazda cx5. Not sure if srs but only idiots will buy this.

  19. I am 6 foot and have no problem getting the rear of our 2011…Handling is really good in my opinion as well. Overall I am really impressed with my 2011

  20. I am not sure what to make of this review. He says critics the interior devices as "odd" or "complicated", yet uses it with ease. How is the stereo all over the place? All the dials situated like any other stereo. he also calls something over engineered but then also implies it is neat – The basket in the back is engineered to create space and save storage – How can this perceived as a disadvantage? It saves space and folds closed so it can be tucked away. The problem is these reviews are too subjective. Instead of these reviews should be based on a standardized list of rating areas based on its competitive set – not his personal preference. If he was 4 inches shorter, he would of been telling viewers, "its roomy in the back". I'm an adult and find that it is roomy in the back.

  21. This vehicle truly made me sad.  I had such high hopes for it.  Did not want to pay the (overpriced) price of one new, so did not even bother to look at a new 2011 model.  Now in late 2015, I found one for les than HALF it's original sticker price with only 46,000 miles on it.  So I went for a test drive.  Showing up at the dealership in my not too old Benz S500 (also bought used!)  they knew I was serious.  I was.  WAS.   Within 5 min. of the initial looking over I seen right away that my wife's Volvo XC90 blew this little Benz out of the water.  Sure, the GLK LOOKS better on the outside.  But this thing felt CRAMPED inside. And I am only 5' 11".   Never the less, I still wanted to drive it.  So I did. And again, the driving dynamics of my wife's XC90 is far superior to the GLK.   I was in disbelief.   OH, and our XC90,  is a 2006 model!   What the HECK was Benz thinking !!!!   Needless to say, our Volvo will remain in the garage a few more years till the 2016 XC90's come off of lease.  Was NOT impressed with the new GLC either.  :-/    But LOVE my S500 !

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