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2011-2012 Honda Accord review | Consumer Reports


Once topping Consumer Reports family sedan Ratings, the Honda Accord faces strong competition. The interior is accommodating and fuel economy is improved, but there are some shortcomings. See how the Honda Accord stacks up against the competition: http://bit.ly/qmt1Yx

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  1. Honda has to get a design department, and deal with Noise. The compitition is here, not coming. Hyundai, Toyota, Kia, Malibu, Fusion.

  2. @bigjoesims Couldn't you tell the car had a single exhaust, non chrome doo handles and a model that a V6 is unavailable??

  3. @Toni7859 Couldn't wait to ged rid of my 08 EX V6. Love my 12 camry!! Blows the accord off the road.

  4. At this price range, a 6 speed auto is a necessity, if only to keep up with the competition, you know, a one upmanship. Acuras are way to slow in getting new trannies too. They should be up to 7 or 8 speeds by now.
    Anyway, how do you know a new 6 speed in an Accord won't keep the right gearing as you predict? This is Honda.

  5. The competitors may look good on paper for having another gear, but the question remains… How good is is that transmission?
    The 5 speed in the Accord is greatly refined.
    Is it getting old?
    Of course, the 9th gen Accord will be equipped with a 6 speed on the V6 and on the manual 4 cyl. (You will see a CVT in the 4cyl automatic)
    Let's just hope Honda keeps that refinement onto the next gen.
    Putting automatics aside, Honda 5 speed manuals are smooth and slick. A lot better than the competition.

  6. No crap the update has something to do with it, every company takes away some fun to drive in each new model (BMW takes a little away each time, and Mercedes is almost gone with base fun to drive).

  7. Yes, it's an ACCORD!! There's nothing special, it just does it's thing and does it well.

  8. You're complaining about the Accord folding seats, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class has folding seats a 500 dollar option!!

  9. they would be the ones to test the ugliest model of the Accord. if you want a good performance and great technology in the interior get an EX-L V6 model!!! Kia Optima?? wtf

  10. I have one and I absolutely love it! My sister bought a Malibu and she wishes she got an Accord.

  11. I just bought a 2011 Honda Accord from Major World for 15g with only 50000 miles on it and still drives like new with no major problems I got a great deal but a bad APR rate cuz of my credit issues, Anyway its a great car and i love it and would so recommend one as long as the miles are low on it and take care of it and in the long run, it will last a long time. My old accord was a 97 with 258000 miles ran great till some asshole smashed into me at 50 MPH est. and took off killing my car but thank god i was fine.

  12. I owned a 1987 Accord (bought used), 1994 Accord (bought used), 2001 Accord (bought new), and now I own a 2012 Accord (bought new). One general feature: they never break. I am not counting regular maintenance, and replacing normal wear items (tires, brakes, wiper blades). I traded away the 2001 at 200,000 Kms (125,000 miles) on the original clutch (all were manual transmission). Incredible cars !

  13. I disagree with all the negative comments on this review except the road noise. The accord is a family-sporty oriented car so is cabin noisy but its engine and transmission is as fine as you can get for the price.

  14. I always liked the Accord, but the 8th generation sedan (2008-2011) is my least favorite because it's too big and ugly.  The 8th gen. Accord coupe on the other hand is way more nicer especially in V6 form.

  15. I have a 2011 accord coupe lx-s. Freakin love it. Wish i had the 3.5 l manual but i am ok with the 2.4 first honda I've owned and will NEVER buy a hyundai or kia nothing but issues. Korean junk! My last car was a suzuki sx4 hatchback. Liked it but had some issues and wasn't built as well. Wish i also had the sedan for my fiance and i once we have kids but the car always gets compliments and in my opinion i haven't had any complaints with road noise! Hell of a lot quieter than the suzuki or anything else I've been in

  16. For realist, frugal guys like me, what really counts "people" is reliability. What's the use of all these gadgets in a car if you're always in a mechanic shop.  if you've bought enough cars in a life time; eventually you'll realize that fact. ACCORD/CAMRY PERIOD!

  17. I love my 2011 Accord sedan. It's a White Diamond Pearl EX-L V6 with navigation. The reviewer says it's loud, yeah it's not whisper quiet but definitely nowhere near loud. The handling is good and the brakes feel strong. Mine has almost 90k miles and no mechanical problems. I'm 23 and it's an outstanding car for me. The 2013 and newer models are even better though.

    May 15, 2016 4:17 am

  18. That's the base Accord. You need to review a mid or top spec Accord, which deliver more.

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