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2011-2013 Buick Regal review | Consumer Reports


The new Buick Regal is a compact sports sedan with agile handling and taut suspension. But its 4-cylinder engine accelerates more like a family sedan. Learn more about the Buick Regal and other sedans on our website: http://bit.ly/11eS5fW

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  1. I just read an article that says here in Canada the average age of a Buick buyer us 68.
    This might be a nice car but it's going to be a hard sell to get younger people into it.

  2. @broodcaster07 wtf, that's a typical American attitude. ell just put a big v8 in that and everything will be fine. Yeah right, the Germans have been using turbocharged and diesel engines that will easily compete with our v8s. Plus what younger buyer can afford this.

  3. @desimunda116

    It does; well, a little more. The standard engine is from the Chevy Equinox (182 hp). The turbo has 220 hp.

  4. @countach27 It's especially evident at 3:06. What's the difference between Americans and Europeans? Americans aren't taller, they're just fatter.

  5. He said that the Regal's braking is decent… the base braking is relatively standard, but according to another car magazine, the CXL's Turbo 60-0 braking is outstanding at 113 ft.

  6. @frozencanuckreviews like the insurance told me:wich young buyer could buy a +30 000$ car?When i was around 25, i've look for the corolla XRS and the insurance was lower than a CE. cuz the prices of the cars was around 25 000$ (for a lil more sport impression) and supose to be "lot" diference of price for young ones.
    No agressive look, there will be No AWD for the GS, No V6 2.8 turbo, etc… how can american cars reach younger than 68 yr old? hehe look at difference with the opel insignia.

  7. How can you call a car "sports" when it does 0-60 in 10 seconds? Honda odyssey is "sportier" then this. Also the face he makes when he says "can't get a V6" @2:00 is priceless.

  8. i only used to watch youtube vids and never made an account…but just to comment on this car i had to….to anyone interested in buying/leasing this car, DON"T…i've been waiting to see someone who actually owns this car (like i do) comment..almost everytime i start it, it makes a noise like the engine is gonna bust outta the hood like its an old beater from the 80's with lifter problems, its also stalled out on me a bunch of times after shifting into gear…6 months old!!

  9. Re-badged GM Euro-platforms always misses the mark with US buyers. Door locks on center stack? seriously? GM's strategy of forcing everyone into 4 cyl family cars may backfire. It's apparent that this car would be anemic with 4 riders. Also, you shouldn't have to "study" radio or air conditioning controls — you should understand it in less than 15 seconds. Sonic however does a great job of simple instant recognition of controls. About the only 4 cyl GM I would ever consider.

  10. OMG can Consumer Reports hate on American Cars anymore? You're supposed to hear the noise when you push the engine hard

  11. @1980drek Its the shitty ecotec 2.4, you think yours is bad, I work on cars and the Equinox/terrain with this engine (which most are) sound absolutely terrible for a 2010-newer vehicle, but i will gove GM credit for making the engine easy to work on…

  12. I remember, back in a day Buick would build V6's that would tare guts out of a mustang while being good on gas and reliable… I guess we can put those good days behind us…

  13. talk to people who own one of these.my neighbor has one and loves it.Talked to someone in their mid 20s about his and same thing.They are everywhere.We will probably buy one..Its in our final cut of three cars,all of which are American.

  14. If you were deciding on a 2011 Regal, its far from being an American made product.

  15. I would only recommend this car to people who don't like cars. This and the whole Buick brand is a cream puff.

  16. have a regal turbo as well…..this guy is an idiot, unless it says toyota on it he hates it….hell i dont care what that geek thinks about the car…….

  17. I love my Regal. I traded my 328i for it, and this is so much nicer to me. Maybe it's a personal preference. At any rate, this guy–his reviews lol. Just outrageous. I have no idea why Consumer Reports wants him. I only watch for the sake of amusement at his poor assessments.

  18. (Cons – Against) on all Buick Regal 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, the metallic look molding surrounding the shift knob, reflects the sun rays straight to the eyes of driver, which is very uncomfortable and dangerous while driving.

  19. I have a 2011 Regal CXL RL2. I have had it for a year as of November. i love my car. But my seat heater on the drivers side doesn't work nor does the trunk latch and the speedometers are 4 miles apart. Other than that I love the car.

  20. Mutchler is a brilliant, articulate reviewer, you may not like what he says, but that's your problem.

  21. I live in Ireland and I have an Opel insignia facelift, its 2014 so basically it's a facelifted version of the Buick regal. I can't understand how you guys have a 2.4 engine in it and it's that slow. Mine as a 2 litre diesel engine yes diesel and accelerates faster than the 2.4?? Great car though

  22. 2011 Buick Regal for scrap. I have one sitting in my driveway with a failed transmission.i researched this and the dealer would charge 5000 dollars to replace them ,then before a year time they would fail again. Failure usually occurs in between 50 and 100,000 miles .THIS CAR IS NOT WORTH FIXING.

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