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2011-2013 Kia Sorento Review | Consumer Experiences


The Kia Sorento is just the appropriate dimension for numerous families. A 3rd row seat is optional. It drives effectively, but the ride is stiff. Uncover out additional about the Kia Sorento and other SUVs on our web-site:


  1. Really like that new Sorento. It'll be on my short list in the next couple of years. Kia and parent company Hyundai are the most improved auto makers in the last few years. They're really putting out great stuff lately with standard features usually found only in higher trim levels from others.

  2. did u see that the non infinity sound system sucks my girlfriend has the ex i dont know if its v6 or not…but she doesnt have the 10 speaker set up and its not loud at all and the speakers sound muddy and welll kinda shitty…did u guys notice that?

  3. @MOONiE2k6
    Consumer Reports always gripe about unnecessary things, thats why i only take their reviews for face value. Steve Hammes and Myride.com does a much better job of reviewing on things that actually matter to buyers.

  4. @MOONiE2k6 This wiper button location perplexes me, I have a Korean Built 2011 Sorento here in Australia and the Rear Wiper control is part of the normal Wiper stork?? Why was it built differently in the US built version?

  5. @friend5001 No one in North America really care that our cars are bigger. Most people would rather have a larger, comfortable SUV instead of a tiny European can opener.

  6. @tomreeny Hi, We got a used 2011 Sorento EX 4 cyl with 14,000 miles on it and have the same noise from the transmission,dealer said trans is defected and its bean replaced,now it just doing fine,have one of the tech sit next to you wile YOU drive your car,I have my car drop off the dealer for more then a week on the first time and did not find any problem after drive it more then 150 miles,it take me 3 minute and drive two block to show them the problem.

  7. All you comment is how Korean automakers are bad. LOL. Or how you wouldn't buy a Korean car.

  8. Why is dashboard material so important that it needs to be touched. How often do you touch your dashboard like that?

  9. I test drove a sorento and the outer body is nicely designed, very attractive and modern. When I drove it I found the power train to not be smooth enough for the price listed. At 28,000 – $29,000 it should not be stiff.

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