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2011-2013 Volkswagen Jetta review | Consumer Reports


The redesigned Jetta sedan is a disappointment. Handling, braking, fuel economy, and interior finish are all subpar. The pleasant Jetta Sportwagen remains unchanged. Find out more about the Volkswagen Jetta and other sedans on our website: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/new-cars/sedans/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

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  1. FYI: The cheap interior is gone for 2013 the SEL has soft touch dash, and in Canada independent rear suspension, discs are standard now, the SE has alloys and the sunroof is an option. Civics suck, corollas suck

  2. Dam dude pretty harsh review, I own an SE 2.5 and its a pretty good car for the money, maintenance is included and it takes me from point A to point B better than any Corolla or any Civic I have ever driven!

  3. I'm with all the other VW owners. Just bought a used 2.5 SE and I couldn't be happier! Handles AWESOME! Seriously I make excuses to go out and drive it, the engine sounds so… Muscular??? Interior is a little cheapened, but who's gonna be feeling up the dash? Any way, before you listen to this douche go out and test drive one! I promise you won't be disappointed!

  4. Because you want a Golf with a trunk? šŸ™‚
    Seriously, I have a Jetta and a Rabbit… Couldn't be happier.

  5. i have never owned a Jetta and this is just my opinion/observation. i have had two 2.0L and a 2.5L Jetta for loaner while my Tiguan is in for service. i was shocked to see how not German the new Jetta is, i concord with pretty much everything CR said in the video. Cheap plastics, dial feel, handling etc. while the GLi is a lot better, it is still not what i would expect from a VW. i believe VW had made changes to the 2014 Jetta, independent rear suspension is back. hopefully nicer interior soon

  6. I own a 2013 Jetta TDi and so far it seems great. It is really REALLY good on fuel. The steering feels tight and responsive. There isn't too much body roll at all. The grip is more of a cheap stock tire problem. Get better tires = fixed. My other car is a Honda Prelude Type SH that is supercharged and has Tien EDFC suspension , so I figure I know what the F I'm talking about. My wife and I both really love our TDi, and I would recommend it. See you at the gas station, or not….

  7. For 2014 they have the new 1.8T TSI (based on the 2.0T) replacing the 2.5L, gets 36mpg hwy on regular unleaded, IRS, electro hydralic steering and rear disc brakes. The car i'm leaning towards šŸ™‚

  8. What kind of jack ass review is this? Consumer Reports? It's not a toaster it's a car what do they know? He raves about the older Jetta yet they used to trash that car too! Consumer Reports = CRAP reviews.

  9. Looks like this goon doesn't like the Jetta, huh?
    Well, I have one (2011 SE 2.5) and I'm absolutely happy about the car.
    No problems, 30 MpG average (I just LOVE the manual transmission – I'm Italian) and enough power to be fun to drive.
    Great handling and good grip, too. Don't turn down the rear drum brakes… They require a LOT less maintenance and work absolutely great.
    Two GREAT points that win hands down over the Corolla? SAFETY (It's extremely tough) and the rear leg room.
    Also, the trunk is huge.

  10. Am I the only one who really doesn't like listening to Consumer Reports reviews? I am a huge car enthusiast and don't really see and feelĀ all the things they b*tch and complain about. I test drive a car almost every week and just recently test droveĀ a 2012 Jetta TDI with the 6 speed manual. The clutch did takeĀ some getting used to. I thought highly of the design and the materials used. There is nothing wrong with harder plastics (most people aren't going to intentionally smash theirĀ faces against the dash, expecting it not to hurt). I think the Consumer Reports'Ā comparisons are unjust, overlooked, and think too much. It's like they try to search for every flaw (no matter how small)Ā in the vehicle and that's their main focus and try to exacerbate (to make worse)Ā it, making the vehicle undesirable.

  11. American car manufactures hired this guy… or just maybe his wife fell in Love with all the VW's she saw at her last vacation at Ocean City..and she's still there waiting for H2Oi 2014…. buhahahah….. Ā 

  12. holy crap you could have a shitty civic or corolla…….i swapped my civic for a jetta. best decision ive ever made

  13. Worst review ever from Consumer Reports. Even if this guy thought the car was a s*itbox, he should have pointed out specific reasons why. I test drove one today and fell in love with it, and have decided it will be my next vehicle as soon as I find a gently used one with the mileage and options I want. I love the way it drives and handles and the interior is simple, classy, and European compared to its Japanese and American counterparts. I didn't notice too much body roll when I curved around the exit onto the highway. Plenty of room, even in the backseat and the overall shape is reminiscent of Audi. And it's one of those cars that looks so much better in person than in photos and on video. Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent "volks", I guess.

  14. This guy is high or something… either way these cars are great!!! I've test driven them and the handle way better than my old mk3 did. I currently own a 2013 and 2014 Golf with the same 2.5 engine and the are both very fun šŸ˜€

  15. Found a much better review if anyone is interested by autobytel for a 2012 Jetta SEL. Just search the YouTube šŸ˜€

  16. We have had no major problems with our Jetta since we bought it. Only 1 recall in 30 months and the trunk light shorted out & was fixed under warranty. This car is really quiet and my wife finally got used to the start up noise from a 5-cylinder. Absolute quiet on the freeway, so quiet you don't realize your doing 120 mph up Raton Pass on I- 25. Our dealer has been great and our next car will be a Volkswagen..

  17. i own a 2011 jetta pay 18K and now it have 70,000 miles zero problem , the bad when you push the gas pedal it take for ever to hit 80 miles but get use to it , i will trade it in for the GTI really like volkswagen cars

  18. This review is completely wrong. It is not a disappointment! It is a very reliable car with a great interior and features. I can't really trust Consumer Reports for these reviews.

  19. I have had this car for 6 years and I agree 100% with the review. Cheap piece of crap.

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