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2011 Ford Explorer first drive | Consumer Reports


Ford’s long-running nameplate gets thoroughly redesigned for 2011, moving to a car-based platform. Consumer Reports is in the midst of testing it and finds that the new MyFord Touch controls are complex and distracting. Find out more about the Ford Explorer and other SUVs with our free SUV buying guide: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/new-cars/suvs/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

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  1. No V8 anymore and no Diesel option! That"s no good. Good thing there's always Land Rover LR4

  2. I would like a V8 option. What's the point of a more expensive turbocharged 4 cylinder?

  3. I just can't be sure about the instruments control. If I had to use it when the car is moving…for example sudden need of defroster, I'd prefer old fashion way of AC control

  4. I am guessing this guy is an apple user… He has no idea how convenient, and user friendly the sync interface is. There is no such thing as clutter!!!!! The more options the better. Some people want others to make all decisions for you. If I am going to have an on-board PC. I want options. After 1 week of using sync, I have almost never misspoken, and I am a mumbler.

  5. @catcourtney01 Definitely more thoughtful than any Toyota SUV. Toyota is the blandest, most basic transportation available. Yet, critics love them??? Disgusting. Like it or hate it, ford engineers have made improvements, and I consider this vehicle to be a class leader in quality, style, and functionality.

  6. @marcusflair68 I DO!!! one of the reasons i baught an SUV…I got a pathfinder ..and the New explorer guzzles almost as much gas as a true body on frame SUV, but your losing all what an SUV is supposed to do…so the new explorer is only good for walmart, soccer games and normal lifestyle..but once you get into outdoor sports such as fishing,hunting, camping and more, you need a true SUV and not a CUV. the new explorer is useless and ford fooled you as you got the new taurus x. sad but true

  7. This guy has to be one of the worst reviewers I've ever seen!! Where did they find him?!? This is why I NEVER listen to consumer reports. I've also worked for several automakers selling at the dealerships (Ford, Chevy/Cadillac, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep), and Ford is by far leading the American pack of automakers.

  8. Good review.. I was right when I first saw that retarded dash.. Who the f is going to drive and navigate through that system and not kill someone or get killed..Way to impractical..apparently they woke up and simplified it on the new escape model.. I hope so. That said.. I would take the last version in a second.

  9. I love cars and like watching reviews for things we're considering buying. This guy always complains about the most bizarre things that seem amazingly ticky tacky.

  10. Ohh hold up! Why would you complain about a door panel being to far away to rest your arm on top of? Seriously??? ARM RESTS????? C'mon get a clue bro.

  11. I will always respect Ford, the only American automaker that refused to take any government bailout money from tax-paying people like us.

  12. Hi All!
    I am a new commercial account manager for a Florida Ford Dealer. I have driven every kind of vehicle out there and I would like to point out a few things about the new explorer. First it is manly, comfortable, and a technical marvel. I defy anyone to sit in that cockpit and tell me that it is not desireable.

  13. I'm actually thinking about buying an Explorer. I tested it several times, and I like it. Not that I've driven many SUVs, so I cannot really compare. But I drove it and I didn't want to get off it. I don't know about how complex the screen in Explorer is, but it was the first voice recognition system which understood my commands at once (I have a quite strong accent). And it looks great – 10 times better that the ugly Highlander (and all other japanese SUVs).

  14. Rented an XLT 4WD last summer for one week. Initially, I hated the MFT system and the SUV felt massive. By the end of the week, I was in love with the car. Very quiet on the road, avg 22 mpg mostly highway and comfortable. Less than a month later, we were at a Ford dealership.

  15. For everyone wondering, myFordTouch has been updated heavily and is no longer the POS it was on the original models

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