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2011 Jaguar XJ First Look | Consumer Reports


Breaking from tradition, the Jaguar XJ is thoroughly modern inside and out. The interior and responsive handling make the car feel special. But if you’re looking for perfection for $80,000, look elsewhere. Find more car reviews on our website: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

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  1. Everyone who works at Consumer Reports is ALWAYS whining about how small cars' trunks are! Stop it! How big do you want it to be?!

  2. This is why I don't like the new design. Don't fix what is not broken. The car is ugly, it has less interior and trunk room and the interior looks much cheaper than a 2004-2007xj.

  3. The Brits pronounce Nicaragua – NICK ARE AG YOU AH, like they pronounce Jaguar – JAG YOU ARE. You say TO MAH TO, we say tomato.

  4. ConsumerReports should also note that Jaguar still remains one of the bottom on reliability right next to the Volkswagen and Land Drover.

  5. I was trying to get a better idea of what this Jag feels like but the only conclusion I can make is that this reviewer is kinda creepy…

  6. i fell in love with this car the first time i saw it and that is why my parents own one right now .. i was so lucky b/c my parents were looking for a car like bmw 5 series so i took them to look at the jaguar XF but my parents saw the XJ and were like yea we are getting and we walked with a XJ that is black outside and london tan inside and we have been enjoying the car since.. i just turned 15 and got my permit and got to drive it for the first time it is epic

  7. My dad used to have a 05 XJ. Dang, bought it brand new. But spent more than 20k maintaining it. I hope it gets better with this one.

  8. They complain about visability with new cars, after you own the car for a good week of driving, you'll be comfortable enough. You won't get comfortable with an hours driving of the car.or a loop around a car dealers set up test driving course. *smh*

  9. @IPGAuto

    Funny how JD Power ranks it at one of the best – at the same level as Lexus.

    I think it is sad how many people so easily make lazy assumptions about Jaguar reliability. BTW, I've owned three Jaguars and they've all proved extremely reliable.

  10. Its criminal! that these people are producing and selling cars still, before they have gone back and recalled all the other piece of shit design faults they have made in previous cars, they should be struck out the market. The ZF transmission that has fitted to lots of previous vehicles, is the biggest piece of shit in the world, cars with 30k on the clock, less in some cases failed on jaguars for the last 10 year or more. Jaguar have done nothing ! boycot!! and that comes from a British Man.

  11. @joel19758 You know, Im britsh and Admit, dont buy a british car, unless you want to be standed..but GM and ford have hardly made any improvments on a Beautiful cosmetic design, its just a shame, other than the leather, these cars are shit!>
    But as for Steam rolling our country, you prick!, you might want to concider burning a few calories off and actually walking into the fast food place at least!.

    Look, relax, Stop hating on Skinny Folks you fat cunt.

  12. Sorry but this car is worlds apart from the sovereign from 1991, it's like comparing constable with Banksey, most people that slag it off have never driven one me thinks; even the oil burner will out pace most GTI variants. I have driven lots of American cars in my time on this Earth and nothing comes even close, granted we do get a much better standard specification in the UK and Europe than the Americans.People who have to rely on bad language to support there argument aren't worth a wank.

  13. look jaguar stopped making real jags years ago,so what jag can we call a jag today none i think.because they are not jags anymore.they are just over dressed fords.?

  14. Amen brother. I'm on my third Jaguar and the only issues I've had were minor and the result of bad behavior from previous owners. The quality of the cars has been superb.

    Too bad people fall back on the cliche of the unreliable Jaguar rather than actually learning about the product.

  15. I've put 160,000 miles on three different Jags and apart from minor problems that were the result of previous owners' negligence, I haven't had any issues.

    Are they perfect? Of course not… no car is.

    And if you think ZF makes bad transmissions, you need to get out more.

  16. This is what I like about this car. It actually looks very distinctive, instead of like the s class or 7 series, looking just like an extended version of their smaller cars.

  17. I understand that Consumer Reports is supposed to be an even-handed, sober publication, but this reviewer is and always has been human cinnamon raisin oatmeal. CR, get someone else to do your video reviews.

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