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2012-2013 Kia Soul review | Consumer Reports


The 2012 Soul got more powerful engines and a six-speed automatic,considerably improving acceleration and returning 26 mpg overall in our tests. But stopping distances were quite long. See how the Kia Soul compares to the Subaru Impreza hatchback: http://bit.ly/NhgH0J

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  1. I like this guy. Very professional in the way he presents and reviews the car. Good job!

  2. dont care for the looks of the car but i guess its good if you want a mix between a hatchback and a wagon.

  3. I have a large curved review mirror in my 2011 that helps seeibg around the thick rear pillars. Overall visabilty in these cars is above average imo due to its high roof line and relatively high stance.

  4. I'd take a scion XB. It gives a more sporty look with its avaliable options and it looks more retro than something like this, which looks like every persons car.

  5. You're kidding, right…? The xB has a 4 SPEED!! That went out of style at LEAST in 2004. The best car in this segment is the Fit, fun to drive, great trunk space, and good enough fuel economy.

  6. I rather save my money and catch the bus way before spending a cent on this crap!.

  7. The tires are low-rolling resistance tires, but they can be changed anyway. If Continental has the tires for this vehicle for the rims, then it would ride better with good grip and better braking distance. Most new cars have cheaper all-season tires, or in some cases summer tires that give up all-weather traction.

  8. I am thinking the same thing , although the xB doesn't get as good fuel economy but it has a bigger engine, but xB has a bit more cargo space behind the rear seats.

  9. This guy bugs me. I also hate when they repeat what someone wrote in an article and act like its a normal way of speaking. That is not welcomed.

  10. The basic model has a 1.6L engine and hubcaps. For $19k you get the mid-level trim with some extras. It's the cheapest in its class. The ugly Nissan Cube costs about a $1,000 more comparably equipped.

  11. For the same price XB has more cargo, more power, customizable, and nice styling. You can fit a 70" flat screen boxed in an XB.

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