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2012 Cadillac SRX review | Consumer Reports


The Cadillac SRX moves up to a 3.6-liter V6 engine, improving performance. But other tweaks have affected handling. Driver visibility from the plush interior is impaired by the styling. Find out more about the Cadillac SRX and other SUVs on our website: http://bit.ly/mrUjq1

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  1. I'd rather have the RX. The 3.6 just doesn't compare to the 3.5 in the Lexus. The V6 in the Lexus is smoother, quicker, more reliable and has a better tone. Plus, the direct shift automatic in the Lexus is best in segment. It's not as fun as the SRX, but it's quieter, more comfortable, better looking interior more space efficient and comes in a hybrid version. It comes down to your taste, whether you want it to be fun to drive or more comfy. Also, you can't beat Lexus reliability.

  2. I learned a lot from when you were waa waa waaaing in the beginning, and waaaaaaaaa in the middle and the waaaa aaa aaa at the end was like all your reviews… dude you are in a caddy, stop crying already.

  3. Love the way it looks but it just weighs too much. If this car lost 300 pounds and gained a turbo or two I think it would do much better.

  4. Stiff suspension = better turns with little body roll. The softer suspension he likes = more body roll in the turns. It's as if you can't please this guy sometimes. But still, overall, not a bad review. I do think the grill–and front end protrusion–look atrocious. They should take the Cadillac badging off the grill, and put an emblem with rocket ships or thunderbolts on it. It would fit the front end look better.

  5. Again, Bias Consumer Reports import lovers! You like imports so much, move to another country & quit screwing American auto workers building AMERICAN CARS!

  6. I saw one that just broke down, when the driver made a left turn and stopped in the middle of the street. Reliability would be worse with this vehicle, unless it is redesigned with a new engine and such. I believe the one that broke down was the turbo engine made before 2012.

  7. I purchased my SRX used. I took a gamble with what the previous owner thought was a major transmission problem and won by installing a thousand dollar Transmission Control Module, saved myself about $3500. The only other problem I had was one morning the battery was completely dead, it seems the "Fan Relay" stuck open and the radiator fan ran all night killing the battery. GM want lots of money for these relays but I was able to find an OEM 2 pack on ebay for under $10. (many are interchangeable and can be used for trouble shooting, I suggest you get a couple more and put them in your glove box along with other fuses) A couple of things I noticed about this review was 1. He said it sometimes lags when going uphill, I live in Calif and often drive through the canyons and believe me, in sport mode this car feels like a sports car. 2. He also said it was loud when the gas hits the metal. I believe GM spent a lot of money tuning the exhaust to this V6, it actually sounds 'bad as hell' when you want it to. 3. Visibility has never been a problem for me. It's as good or better than any other SUV. I love my SRX!

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