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2012 Chevrolet Sonic Review – Consumer Reports


2012 Chevrolet Sonic Review – Consumer Reports
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“General Motors makes up for lost ground with their pleasant and spunky new subcompact. GM loaned Consumer Reports two versions of the Chevy Sonic so our engineers could take a first look.” – Consumer Reports

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  1. In the future when I'm looking for a new car I'll probably give this one a shot. That means I will actually test drive it. I don't choose a car based on politics.

  2. @Bloodfatherx :: I would highly suggest you stop watching Fox News before it rots your brain. Try and stay away from people as well. Go visit some libraries for starters.. enroll in college. Sounds like you are going to need it.

  3. @moham7ad that is a bit debatable and you mean Colt right? Lancer is much bigger anyway, but DUDE that's what makes it awesome 😀 it's like a retro throwback to the 1960s and 70s when cars where cool! back then headlights didn't need a casing and the Sonic proves that they don't need one today 😀 I hope that design feature spreads to other models like the next Impala!

  4. @BarefootArizona gm has changed…. god has gm changed. they dont make shitty cars anymore. if you live in the us buy american, it helps us get some money instead of japan

  5. @mmmmhonda so you want us to buy toyota? last time i looked at my door sticker on my sierra it said canada

  6. @zloben9000 he's probably a paid GM blogger. Ford did this too with the Fiesta. Paid employees to go on all the Honda Fit youtube vids and made comments about how they 'tested the fit, and are going with the fiesta!'

  7. @SH4DOWTROOP3R ya because when you buy a japanese car, the money most goes all to japan. when you bought the sierra though made in canada, the money came back here to the united states. my silverado says detroit so it just depends what truck you buy.

  8. I have a Yaris and it wins in this category anyday! Great milage, toyota reliablity, and will get way over 200,00 miles

  9. Why does he say that you have to downshift at highway speeds to keep up? Wouldn't you have to shift into the higher gears at highway speeds?

  10. Well what u think about Volkswagen GTI , Scion I.Q the fancy model ! Or this car the Sonic ? Idk what to get for around 20k or UNDER lol 🙂

  11. " You couldn't use fun and Aveo in the same sentence, except for that one." lmao

  12. Yeah..but its a Yaris….a honda fit will easily outclass any of the other B-Segment cars (well the fiesta's close, and the sonic closer, but it still wins.) and gets HONDA reliability.

  13. I think the Fit is a better car honestly. For my purposes I'll probably need the magic seats. If I didn't need them, I'd get a Sonic because it's almost as good as the Fit. Also that gauge cluster is epic!

  14. the gearing on the manual is too tight on the lower gears and too wide on the upper gears, so if you happen to start up a hill, to get back into the optimal power zone for the engine you have to downshift, just like you have to do for any transmission… only problem is the gear spacing can cause you to have to shift down 2 gears if not more to keep your speed constant

  15. Wow, an American brand car built in America. But wait, isn't this car actually Korean at it's core?

  16. "Built in America"…..I hope he meant America as a continent, 'cause this little car is about to be manufactured in Mexico as soon as 2013

  17. I finally test drove one today, the Sonic LT hatch, and I loved it, but DO NOT GET THE STICK, the clutch pedal was way to close to the break, and the shift was so short. Drove great, but the center console hit my right leg. I cannot find an auto to test drive, they are all sold out in my area.

  18. There would be more American products to buy in the first place if it wasn't so goddamn hard to start a business here.

  19. Well, the price difference kinda makes the class ridiculous in itself.
    For that price instead of a subcompact I can buy a compact with better specs.

  20. this car sucks I bought it 2yrs ago and I loved it everything except the engine light comes on every month or 2 months always something new im fixing to trade it in….

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