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2013-2014 VW Passat SE consumer review


Here is my review of the new 2013 passat SE. The 2014 model remains the same as 2013.VW changed the engine to a 1.8L 4 cylinder VS the previous 5 cylinder for 2014. It still however produces the same amount of HP. I hope you guys enjoy it and it answers some of your questions. Also they come with a 3 year 36k mile free maintenance warranty.

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  1. i had a mazda 6 as a insurance rental car. the 2012 model. i like the design of the exterior. but did not like the drive at all specially compared to the passat. i recommend you test drive the mazda first, see if you can deal with it, and dont let a sales person force you into buying it. i believe mazda and vw reliability is pretty equal. vw might be very slightly more expensive to maintain, but to me its worth it. such a higher quality. hope this helps. good luck.

  2. I just bought one of these Friday. I was driving a 2005 Mercedes C320 Kompressor that I traded. It's a great car with lots of features. Have good credit before you buy. This puppy can cost you. I walked out with 0% financing.

  3. For the money I would recommend the Wolfsburg edition. You get everything you need with some good amenities. You dont lose any performance, or mpg. 28-30 in town. So budget mind folks who want a little more than base i recommend. Sticker is at around 20-21k. Smooth, resoponsive, and well built.

  4. I'm Nick your favorite car guy. I'm a VW Sale's Consultant in the Chicago area I would love to answer any question's or concerns for anyone. You can contact me at 224-595-9395 or e-mail victoryofpeople23@gmail.com

  5. The rear view camera for this car is available on Amazon. It's VW OEM and works with factory navigation

  6. Yes I just got mine last week and love it! I'm getting 50 hwy and 42-44 combined. Just got back from two-day 1200 mile road trip up the coast from LA to SFC, very fun to drive and very comfortable and quiet inside.

  7. I'm picking my 2014 Passat 2.5L Inline-5 Cylinder Sport full of option in Tuesday or Wednesday, my youngest brother will have my 2006 Infiniti M35.

  8. Bought mine yesterday 8/18/13. White with Black int. I love it! So quiet! I have to watch my speed on the interstate. Traded a beloved 2003 VW Passat Wagon. Was an awesome car, but it was time to trade due to mileage. Go drive this car. I was lucky to get mine for $20,000 grand in Atlanta!

  9. yep treat a VW correctly with the needed maintenance and it will reward you with 200,000 or more miles of use. plenty of stories exist about people driving as much as 700,000 miles in their VW's.

  10. Get the diesel version! More mpgs, more power and will last longer. All you need to do is a straight pipe exhaust. Its not loud either. Also get a k&n cold air intake to help the engine breathe better. Also use shell gas to help keep the internals clean

  11. hey buddy. I bought a new passat SE which is 2013 model. May I ask how you get a passat se with exterior color silver while interior color beige? because I asked many dealer and they all said for silver color my only option for interior is black.

  12. I just got myself the 2014 VW Passat TSI SE and its just an amazing car! I have no complaints! The engine is a 1.8 Turbo and the mileage is unbelievable and I'm 6'2 as well and when someone sits behind me they have plenty of space to move around. For a mid sized sedan its much larger than just "mid" I would say. I look forward to driving everyday now ever since I got the car lol.

  13. I have a 2014 SE with roof and the 1.8T engine. Very good performance and on trips to Virginia using cruise control averaged 41.2 mpg on this gas turbo engine. I have just over 18,000 miles since buying new Feb, 28.

    Absolutely zero squeaks, rattles or any problems. Its a PVEV car so I have 15 years or 150,000 miles warranty on emission components which includes cat converter, turbo and many other components.

    To the youngster commenting that the Passat is inferior to his Asian car, most cars are good lately, but you can't compare build quality, solidity And driving dynamics with the Asian cars in Passage segment.

    The Passat is built like a tank in comparison to Asian cars. If you open the doors on a Passat and look at the door hinges you will see that they are forged from solid billets of steel, not pressed flimsy pressed steel like the others.

    Build quality and seamless welding finishing processes vs the spot weld and hide Asian method is reserved for cars starting in the 40k range that are found in European higher end cars. This car with the new 1.8 Turbo is one of the finest automotive values being sold today.

  14. One of my family members just bought one of these with 18k miles less than 20k, I believe around 16-18k which is awesome. I'm used to driving the jetta tdi and generally disliked that car, but after driving the passat I'm in love with it. IMO it's quicker than the tdi, handles much better, and is much more luxurious. It's a great car and I recommend it to anyone that's in the market for a VW.

  15. I was looking for a Red Exterior – Bright Red like Cherry Red or Fire-Engine Red, not Burgundy or Wine Color.  I also saw on other reviews where the reviewer said the cars were Slow and not good for passing trucks on the Freeway.  So that made me look at cars like the Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry.

  16. Do you still like this car? i am thinking to buy 2013 passat 2.5 SE with 40k miles on it. Is this a good idea?

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