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2013 Ford C-Max first drive | Consumer Reports


Clever, practical and fuel efficient, the Ford C-Max wagon might be one of the most logical vehicles you can buy. Read our blog for more details: http://bit.ly/ZuWZYc

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  1. lol. id rather hear complaints about a car than to hear to nonstop compliments from left and right. if im interested in a car, i need to know the downsides it has.

  2. walk toward the back of the car, kick under the car, and walk away, or else get hit by the hatch to your nose.

  3. consumer reports complains about every touch screen, so they will sometimes complain about touch screens that aren't bad. But they have a reason to complain about myfordtouch, because it is in need of improvement

  4. The my touch and all expensive to R&D as well as build stuff should be left out. If it undercuts Prius C by 30% they can steal sales big time.

  5. Until Ford makes their nav/info system user friendly, they're off my consideration list. Just like Honda with their way overpriced and cheap-looking nav system.

  6. Time will tell if this car comes near to Ford's claim of 47 MPG. I have my doubts in real world driving…..

  7. My wife and I love our C-Max. The MyFordTouch is easy to use once you get used to the interface. We don't always get the advertised 47 mpg, in part because the gas engine kicks in when driving 70 mph on the freeway, but I have clocked over 100 mpg on some days when running errands near the home. Awesome review!

  8. Andrew, I did some figures as to running at 70 MPH vs. 60 MPH. For the 10 MPH difference the fuel costs are in the order of 30% and the time difference is very tiny. Average of 9 seconds faster per mile. Do some easy multiplication to apply for your driving. For each 5 miles it is 45 seconds of time but a very high cost primarily due to wind resistance. From 55 MPH to 70 MPH air drag increases 100%. Drive safely.

  9. I have my ford touch in my 2013 escape and dont have any problems with freezing or resetting.
    Once you learn the system its very easy to use.

  10. It does not get 47MPG… more like 30MPG. I own one… Great car… lower than expected MPG. Sorry Ford… Well sorry for me too.

  11. I thought my 2013 C-MAX would be a Prius Killer? NOT! I want to support US companies and US jobs. What was Ford thinking when they published 47/ 47/47 estimates? I would have been ok with low 40's but 28-33 is not even in the ballpark. I lease both a 2010 Prius and 2010 Honda Insight and consider myself an experienced hyper-miler. My mileage in the Prius is 50 plus, the Insight is 40 plus, The C-MAX is a great car, with extremely inflated EPA posted estimates.

  12. Just got the C-Max last week. The problem with reviewers is that they spend so little time with a car, they will not invest a tiny amount of time learning sync. My Ford Touch is simple to use.

  13. Why do you keep on posting the same comment on c max videos? Why not just trade in that "crappy" c max for the cheap plastic Prius and be done with it. Instead of posting comments everyone already knows.

  14. I agree, I thought I saw that comment in other places. Perhaps he is a Toyota Employee, or just a case of sour grapes since he is heavily invested in Toyota.
    I will be taking delivery of my C-max next week. I tested the Prius and even if the Cmax only gets 40MPG, I would rather have it. It is just a better car all around.

  15. You need to change your driving habits for a hybrid, and stop bashing the car. I found it pretty easy to achieve 40 mph in 50° temperatures. Jackrabbit starts and short distant breaking will kill your MPG, as will speeds over 62mph. I do understand that Ford came out with a software fix to allow EV mode into the 80, so that should help. This is way more fun to drive than a Prius as well.

  16. Why don't you trade it in for a Toyota then, and stop complaining all over the Internet? I really like the car, and had no trouble achieving 40 mph. I like the high seating position, and tons of headroom as well. The vehicle is also super quiet, responsive, and has great visibility. The only complaint is the transmission, and probably because it's different than what I'm use to. The vehicle has incredible torque, and very responsive steering. Brakes are a little touchy and grab.

  17. There is supposedly a software upgrade to allow EV mode up to speeds in the 80s. Check out the Ford website. I heard it mentioned elsewhere, but have not confirmed.

  18. The difference between 47 mpg and the new revised 40 mpg costs me over $2500 more in gasoline costs (over the life of car). Yes Ford deserves to be criticized and harshly

  19. I'm getting 50 MPG in my 2013 Toyota Prius Four Hatchback, no matter how I drive. If I want a sportier feel, need more power going uphill, or pass cars on the freeway, I simply push the Power Mode button. While in ECO Mode commuting 28 miles weekdays from work in 2 hour heavy 2-14 MPH crawling from a stop and go traffic, I achieved 78.9 MPG, surpassing my last at 72.4 MPG and 70.1 MPG prior to that. Impressive!. The heavier the traffic, the better my gas mileage. Comfortable, incredibly fuel efficient, reliable and most importantly, cost effective. I'm averaging 59 MPG with no light velvety touch on my gas pedal or hyper-mile driving. The Prius not only meets my needs, it is exceeding my expectations. When I purchase a hybrid vehicle, I expect hybrid level fuel efficiency. If that isn't achievable, I may as well buy a non-hybrid car. The Prius does what it was made to do, exceptionally well. Thank you Toyota.

  20. have 575 miles on our new 2013 C-Max energi.  We have been able to get 21 miles on an overnight charge with the 110v cord that came with the car.  This allows us to do a round trip to work on strictly EV (electricity from being plugged in) every day.  This gives us a rating of 999.9  MPGe at the cost of 85 cents for a complete charge.  There is a problem with charging IF it is not on a DEDICATED 110v 20A line -will trip circuit breaker.  If we drive in hybrid mode after using up plug in power we have achieved 78.7 mpg.  btw, there are FREE charging stations in my area that make it even less expensive to use.  Biggest negative is limited cargo space but as rear sets fold down, not really that big a problem for just 2 people

  21. We just test drove a C Max SE recently. I drove a loop of roadway with open rural road mixed with a small percentage (about 10%) city driving that pretty well represented what our normal driving would be. I do use some principles of hypermiling, such as coasting when possible. We do have lots of little hills that provide the opportunity to coast. I achieved 40 MPG with this brand new car. We thought that was pretty impressive for such a heavy car, especially since it's brand new. It was quite peppy, comfortable and pretty roomy for a car of it's size.

  22. My wife & I just purchased a leftover 2016 C-Max Energi. We get a consistent 20 miles on an overnight charge. We have 1 free charging station downtown and 4 or 5 at our Ford dealership. Getting used to driving "hybrid" style and we're getting a consistent 43 in mixed use. I can attest that this 2016 version can indeed do 85mph just on ev mode. The dash is very similar to the 2014 Transit Connect we traded in. I'm 50 & I like the styling, it's easy to get in & out of and the Sync 3 is easy as hell to use.

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