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2013 Ford Taurus review | Consumer Reports


Updated for 2013, the Ford Taurus rides well and has a quiet interior. But the addition of MyFord Touch made controls more complicated. See how the Ford Taurus stacks up against the competition: http://bit.ly/PKfgsf

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  1. WTH FORD! I am a ford fan, and I love the Taurus, but, Ford really just ruined it for me by adding MyFord Touch, the system just freakin sucks, it's as simple as that! They should've just kept the old system and updated the exterior and interior a little but, no need to add something that has drastically failed through all of the models they added it to.

  2. I don't know what their problem is, the 2013 Taurus is a good car. To prove it my family rented one this past summer and I got to drive it, and I liked it, including my ford touch.

  3. What a waste of 3 minutes out of my life that I cannot get back. Everybody knows Consumer Reports HATES AMERICAN CARS !!! what else is new !

  4. did you ever consider the fact that you might just be unwilling to accept the fact that the Japanese build better cars?

  5. 2012 was the best model.

    The steering wheel gained eighty pounds.

    The cabin lost eighty pounds.

  6. Always been a GM guy. However, I seen this Taurus last year on the lot and researched it. I was really impressed and a year later I couldn't take it anymore and bought one! I absolutely love it! '13 Limited, 302a, fwd, 20"wheels, sunroof and rear wind deflector. My Ford Touch system takes more than a few hrs. to figure out. Most give it a bad rap because they haven't learned how to use it properly or just aren't smart enough to figure it out. Some people just aren't techies. So far, I like it!

  7. Methinks this review was by a Chevy fan. Haha.

    The Taurus is a great car, and MyFord Touch isn't a bad system in the slightest.

  8. Despite the limited visibility, I really like my Taurus. First off it's one handsome car. It looks both classy and muscular. You don't see that many on the road so it may surprise you that your friends and neighbors say "THIS is a Taurus?" when they get up close. Everybody who rides in it thoroughly enjoys it. This is a cruiser that will take you and three friends on a four hour road trip with sporty flair and Sunday drive comfort.

  9. would not be a consumer report if they didnt knock an american car i guess police departments dont agree just look what they buy

  10. I think the space is plenty adequate and I have friends 6"0-6"5 that fit Just fine in front and back seat. If you are a experienced driver then visibility should not be a problem.. I am 5"6 and visibility is sometime a problem because the driver is usually presumed to be a lot taller for this vehicle plus it's a fleet vehicle.
    Overall it's a great vehicle. Going back to rear visibility, you should be able to assume weather you'll hit something or not. I've driven many cars and trucks-MANY at my shop and the Taurus is fine..

  11. And I recommend you get glasses. Shits not that hard to read and now in modern days you know what the “fussy” buttons do. Don’t be an idiot

  12. You guys are too much.There is a ton of room in this car,it handles great and I've never thought,"wow,I can't see out of this car".
    I would love to know how you get paid.
    I'm 6'1" and have a 2013 sho.I just watched other reviews that said this car compares with a bmw 5 series which cost a bit more than the sho.
    Sorry guys,but I don't believe a word you say.

  13. I adore my '14 Limited, its been one of the best cars I have owned. Great tech, quality interior, very safe, great on gas, lots of power and drives like a Lincoln on the highway. If you looking for one used I highly suggest a 2013+ models as a lot improved. I would really try to consider looking for one that is as loaded as you find, a base Limited at the least.  I crossed shopped 4 other full size cars, Avalon, 300, Impala and Charger. The material  quality in the  interior were no match with the Ford. The ride was so much more balanced, it was to sporty, to harsh or to soft like the others I found. It does it all right.

  14. The car requires way too much time looking at touch screens and searching menus. That is ok for an home entertainment system, but dangerous on the road. Did the engineers forget we need to drive in traffic? I wish they would still sell me a Crown Victoria or at least a Taurus with controls like the 2005 model.

  15. Very late to the party, but at 6'7" I fit in this car great, and enjoy having an option that isn't on a truck frame. No issues with tech it workmanship, and compared to the competition, this is a lot of reliable car for not much money!

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