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2013 Lexus LS 460 first drive | Consumer Reports


The flagship Lexus LS 460 gets an update, remaining a luxurious and pampering big sedan. Most changes are slight, but the addition of more complex controls is a downgrade. Find out more about the Lexus LS 460 and other luxury sedans: http://bit.ly/11eS5fW

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  1. Toyota and Lexus loosing 40-60% of potential customers, just because of ugly, wrong designs. Every guy thinks this is a lady car, not suitable for man.
    That joystick remind me stupid complicated German cars: You are going to hit a tree, while trying to adjust climate control, by going thru dozens of menus. This is big negative for me; I don’t know what to buy now.

  2. Why would you want to mess with a Lexus LS's engine? >Senior citizens are not the type to hang with the "tuner" crowd.

  3. shouldn't have adopted joystick. Humans like to touch something intuitive and right there where your hands are. May be Andrpods will be driving Lexus in future, but not in near future.

  4. You don't have to be a senior to buy one of these cars. My brother is barely out of his thirties and he's on his third LS.

  5. Yall people don't understand that you don't have to use joystick function much…bcz voice command and auto climate control is pretty handy

  6. Fabulous styling, Fabulous Car,BETTER THAN Audi and BMW
    I've had 3x LS Lexus Cars, and this latest one is the best yet, so all you critics that will never be able to afford one, go back to your $500 cars and stop criticizing the best car in the world and GET A LIFE ! OR when you can afford one then write something positive, there are millions of people who knock something special, because they will never be able to afford one, but if you work hard you can allways get one 🙂

  7. My grandfather had an '08 LS 460 and he got 27 mpg driving 75 mph on the highway. I'd say the mileage on this car ain't too bad.

  8. The reviewer is contemptuous of this beautiful car. He is portraying a superb vehicle as inadequate to some standard which the viewer is not privy to – example would be the Lincoln MKZ review. My concern is that his ego is overshadowing his objectivity in this particular case: perhaps he is jealous of this inanimate object? He should familiarize his audience with a few more hard facts, which we may then determine how he drew his conclusions – I much prefer data rather than sentiment when I spend $70,000. This is clearly an example of someone who treats their career as a job, rather than a professional ambition.

  9. Lexus if u r watching this please IGNORE Comsumer Reports when they complain about "numb" steering. These guys r idiots when they advocate such un-luxurious characteristics as "engine-notes", "steering feedback", "non-numb steering". Toyota made the mistake of listening to these and other idiot car reviewers when they hardened up the Toyota Avalon's ride. Lexus owners want performance that DOSEN'T COME AT THE EXPENSE OF LUXURY. We want isolation, serenity, NO ENGINE NOISE, NO STEERING FEEDBACK. Smoothness, isolation and tranquility is what we want WITH our performance/Sport.

  10. Lexus needs to go back to the easy-to-use touchscreens and eliminate any notion of sport and revert to the LS430's level of ride quality.

  11. I didn't even bother to look at the car because of the screen "controller". I'll keep my LS400…19 years of good service. Still a pleasure to own and to drive.

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