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2013 Lincoln MKZ first drive | Consumer Reports


The Lincoln MKZ works to rebuild the flagging Lincoln brand. Based on the Ford Fusion, the shapely MKZ rides and handles well, but we don’t care for the MyLincoln Touch controls. Read our post “Stylish Lincoln MKZ impresses” http://bit.ly/12FjqbV

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  1. Well you can't expect Lincoln to compete with Infiniti or Lexus could you? I heard they're putting marble and diamonds in their car's interior.

  2. obviously this reviewer is stuck in the 80's because knobs are for that time touch button is for 2013 doofus.

  3. The interior STILL LACKS "luxury". Too much plastic, hard surfaces and an uninviting steering wheel. It feels no more than a Hyundai Sonata inside. The TECHNOLOGY offered is second to none – there's more stuff here than the S-Class and the MKZ can essentially drive itself down highway straights or PARK ITSELF like older Ford Park Assisted cars. The Lexus and Infiniti M37 feel better inside.

  4. I feel the exact 180 of this comment. I love the inside of the car and I do not think there is a lot of hard plastics. I also LOVE the steering wheel. It amazes me how us humans all see things so differently. LOL

  5. Funny cuz it looks like the XTS,along with the MyLincolnTouch rivaling the Cadillac's CUE.However,yes,this car is more a rival for the CTS.

  6. You don't understand, it's American, no matter how nice it's made the Euros and Japanese will always "feel better". My co-worker has a new 65k Mercedes, it rattles, the wind noise is high and lots of plastic but it's GERMAN plastic so must be somehow better. Gave him a ride in my low class 2013 Limited Taurus with every option and he was blown away. Granted it's just a Ford but it's quieter than his Mercedes, the 20" wheels are nicer, it gets better mpg and the AWD isn the Limited is fantastic.

  7. I must say I was never a fan of American cars but reading some of these reviews and seeing these cars compared to the high end lux cars from foreign, American cars have come a long way. MKZ would be a good choice of a lux car over a BMW or BENZ, never thought that I would be making this comment, that's just my opinion….

  8. Very ugly exterior especially the front grill. The interior is a bit controversial.

  9. FYI leather and wood in the interior STANDARD not extra, cooled and heated seats STANDARD, Just a fine car!

  10. I just picked mine up Tuesday love the style and the ride for the extra 1600.00 the V6 is the way ot go it MOVES.

  11. Great looking car but I wouldn't touch the MyFord Touch contraption in the dash with a ten-foot pole.

  12. Any one please answer my question, is the MKZ atleast as luxurious and as comfortable as a BMW 3 series, i am really confused between BMW 3 series and MKZ, MKZ with 3.5 v6 was a blast when i drove it, but BMW is still the leader in driving but what really is important to me is comfort i mean bad road isolation ability , will it match the 3 series

  13. No car in class matches the 3 series…so I doubt an MKZ which is based on a Fusion will.

  14. Cadillac ATS is equal if not better than the 3 series. I don't understand what's so great about the 3 series.

  15. I have MKZ hybrid 2013 and it's nearly soundless, especially when on electric, while in A6 the engine was too powerful and thus too loud in my taste. Not sure about BMWs, however, our friends' BMW 3-series didn't especially impress me, so I considered A6 or MKZ hybrid. A6 does have a very reliable sturdy feel to it, but all in all, it wasn't a difference to justify a 10K price hump, so I went for the MKZ.

  16. I don't care much what about mkz think some car expert. Put there some celebrity, and you'll see the change in sales.

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