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2013 Shelby GT500: Regular Car Reviews


The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is a review of excess. This car doesn’t need to exist. No one needs it. It is reDUNKulous fast.

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  1. The commentator of this video has got to be a graduate of the Dennis Miller School of Bullshit Ranting.

  2. Exiting car's an coffee in my GT500 with all 1000 watts of my shaker audio system blasting the song "let the bodies hit the floor" as I clutch kick all 600 horsepower of this live axle car into the crowd. Then get out with a look of disgust upon my face after seeing the amount of damage your bodys have done to my car. And just repeating the words "I swear it wasn't me it was the live axle"…

  3. Since you're more popular and that's well deserved. Tell these peeps to have the inside of their cars detailed before filming. I'[m not a snob, will always watch your material, but it's definitely a bit of a distraction. Close ups are like, this guy has serious dandruff… damn I'm surprised this guy didn't wipe that dried spill up before filming.

    Keep up the great work man!

  4. In all those shots of the rear diff, how did you resist the urge to reach under the gas tank and snatch out those leaves that were stuck there? I almost reached for my screen to get those annoying bastards out!

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