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2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek first drive | Consumer Reports


The Subaru XV Crosstrek is basically a raised-up Impreza Sport hatchback. Added ground clearance might appeal to Subaru’s outdoorsy buyers, and the car’s unique styling will probably attract others as well. Find more info in our blog “Subaru XV Crosstrek lifts up the Impreza Sport” http://bit.ly/OnIp2J

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  1. خليك بالالعاب والكوره انتا واخوك
    اش جابك علي القنوات المتخصصة ؟

  2. I heard about asia that car market is lesser compared to US(due to vast mass transit systems, 2 wheelers, etc…)..so for a given model they cannot offer several trim levels like in US but rather they put everything in one trim or 2 trims at most and sold as luxury..for example, honda accord is priced in luxury range in Asia and some of its features are not available even in highest trim in US. basically comes down to limited but growing market and hence luring in customers and establishing bus

  3. I hate the fact how CR journalist has basically already made up his mind on how he feels about the CrossTrek and says they're going to purchase one for full testing. Save the money and buy something else seeing you already hate the CrossTrek and what it stands for. I say it looks great and it's a great idea seeing Subaru's are already 4X4 vehicles.

  4. I really like this XV CrossTrek, nice ground clearance wonder what's the powertrain and some rough numbers as to fuel economy.. i am in a market for an upgrade from my Matrix but need something that can pull a bike trailer. I was looking at the Juke but friend that has it showed me on paper how many time's her CVT went sour, i guess Nissan should refine it..

  5. Even in Canada it comes with HID headlights, dual climate controls (compared to single), rain sending wipers and a more comprehensive multi-function display. Plus, you can get the manual transmission on all trim levels. Grrrr…

  6. Crosstrek would be way cooler with a bit more power. With a vehicle that's supposed to go offroad, and with that height it should be quite a bit torquier

  7. Unfortunately, the US is not the test market of choice, our market is not as well receptive of new technological advances, nor are most people looking for an entry-level vehicle wanting to pay for features most companies charge extra for. Europe and other markets have specifically embraced the hot hatch market, because you get the versatility of an suv without sacrificing so much on gas… America is still a very small niche in hatches, and introducing one is hard… Id expect these feats. later

  8. With any luck Subaru will eventually offer the 2.0 turbo from the new forester in the xv and legacy… The death of the 2.5 turbo was sealed with the death of their 5 speed auto option

  9. Its what they discovered most possible owners in the US would want, launching variable options in different countries involves a vast amount of research, I guess people in the US want a more simple product.

  10. I would buy this over the regular Impreza wagon, looks cooler, but it does need a lot more power. It's too slow.

  11. It gets 'loud' inside? yes, but not enough to be a problem and most Subaru owners ( I have owned 8 over the last 30 years) ….Love that 'Boxer' sound…..non Subaru fans don't/won't get it!….but that's OK.

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