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2013 Toyota Avalon first drive | Consumer Reports


The Toyota Avalon has long been spacious and oh-so-practical. New sporty styling and a firmed-up suspension go after young-at-heart buyers, while the hybrid promises impressive fuel economy. See how the Avalon compares to other sedans: http://bit.ly/STPeqr

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  1. This guy is a good reviewer. Nice and smooth speech. Does not get too emotional with the pros and cons like the other guy.

  2. One of the few Toyota vehicles I find interesting. It should be a more sophisticated and refined Camry for the Harold Budd, FFXI soundtrack set. Unfortunately, seems like it's just another boring appliance.

  3. Toyota needs a 2-door Avalon. Haven't seen a 2-door Toyota brand vehicle since the Camry solara was discontinued.

  4. Journalists piss me off, they review a niche market car and critique it for being what it was built to be. The Avalon is a boring to drive couch? The average Avalon driver is 73, no shit.

  5. yes, they need a coupe in the line since they have several SUVs and many Sedan, but not an Avalon size, a Corolla size.

  6. Doesn't really sound like a great re-design, although it looks better. I don't like the multi-shade interior, but that seems to be getting more popular lately (unfortunately). Why would they stiffen the ride? People don't buy these cars to go around corners like a BMW; they buy them for comfort. I can understand trying to improve the handling to some degree, but it doesn't sound like they got it right.

  7. The type of people who mostly buy this cars used to be Buick buyers, so they expect a cushy, floaty ride, if you make it too stiff, they will buy something else, but they're running out of "something else"

  8. I saw one of these at the local car show. I like what they did with the interior, especially with the center console controls. The shelf idea puts controls in easy reach, opens up space underneath, and prevents the center console from making the driver feel closed in. This car is big. For some reason, videos and pictures don't accurately convey size very well.

  9. Hideous. GM vehicles look better, drive better, and don't intentionally kill its riders.
    If you want an import, go with a Hyundai. Same looks better price.

  10. It's the Toyota Maxima…. Good luck with this one. It's a shame they did away with the charming and niche-filling previous generation Avalon. The older one was a charming car. This just looks like everyone else's coope profie sedan.

  11. The previous generation Avalon looks like a shoe box that was accidentally stepped on with wheels. This model is much better looking inside and out.

  12. The problem is, Toyota changed this car to make it more sporty. And they haven't really achieved that, while stiffening the ride, which alienates the original audience – the elderly crowd.

  13. I actually really like this Avalon and it's style. Huge improvement from the last generation for sure since it was obviously an old people car and the new one looks great for young people.

  14. No, Avalon i a boring to drive couch with a suspension so firm that it could break your back. A car being boring to drive is ok if its very comfortable. If it sucks to drive and is uncomfortable at the same time, then its pointless.

  15. I don't know why they want to make the Avalon more sporty when it's not meant to be. Not everyone wants a sporty car and sacrifice ride quality for it.

  16. OK, people. I have a 2013 limited Avalon. Yes! The ride is to harsh for a luxury car. The 18" wheels have no place on this car. You have to pay for high performance tires that have a low millage wear rating and are crap in winter conditions. In 2016 Toyota changed the suspension for the basic and Limited editions. The Touring model still has the stiff suspension that makes no sense at all. Why have a "Sport Mode" in this car? It does nothing to the suspension. I don't want a float boat Buick but I don't want a rough ride in a Luxury car either.

    FYI, I paid extra for many safety features that are now standard on almost very model. I kind of feel I got ripped off and was driving a test platform.

    I really want to put 17" wheels on my car so I can buy some great all-season Goodyear Triple Tread tires on it but they are not high performance. That is a pricey solution. The stock Bridgestone tires were carp for snow and ice. I put Continental all season tires on and it help the ride and snow driving but not enough. These have good grip that also lowered my gas mileage.

    Other than these issues, I love my car.

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