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2013 Volkswagen CC review | Consumer Reports


The Volkswagen CC is a “four-door coupe”—marketing-speak for a sleekly-styled sedan. But styling impairs visibility and access. Handling is agile and the interior is well-finished. Watch more sedan videos on our website: http://bit.ly/PKfgsf

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  1. The Americanization of both Passat and Jetta has made them less fun to drive, but they're both selling better than the outgoing models, I guess they knew what the were doing!

  2. Some people are calling this a girly car? This car is for MEN people who dont have a ton of money to spend on a Mercedes CLS, or Audi A7 but still have class and dignity.

  3. So, the CC is a better VW then the all new PASSAT which was Motor Trends CAR IF THE YEAR! So Motor Trend picked the wrong car for Car of the Year. What's wrong with MT!?

  4. I love this car. It doesn't have any of the "Americanized" cost-cutting the Jetta suffers from. The Passat's better, but it's no CC. I miss the good ole days when every Volkswagen was over-engineered and really really nice. Now all we've got is the Golf/GTI/Jetta Sportwagen, Eos, CC, and Touareg.

  5. Roofline does not depict a coupe. Doors do. A coupe can be a sedan, but a sedan can't be a coupe. I still like this car!

  6. Trunk is really small?!?!?! Seriously??? Come on guys!

    Just look at the Carbuyer review of this car on YouTube and you will realize how illogical Consumer Reports sounds when it says things which are factually incorrect!!!

    Unless, your definition of a small trunk is something totally different…

    Please do more objective and logical car reviews…..

  7. lol yea, and carbuyer also said i think… dont quote me on this… but the audi a4 have an excellent size rear seat legroom, and consumerreports said that it was too small for even the smallest of people…… really?

  8. They should automatically come with a backup camera its 2013 people, what's this were you have to choose if you want the backup camera, it should be mandatory people!

  9. I donno, that 2.0T is getting a bit long in the tooth isn't it? I mean Hyundai/Kia is getting 280+ hp aren't they?

  10. The jetta is a good car for the price but on the top trims it should have soft touch plastic. Torsion bar is surprisingly good since its softer,less body roll, and better on tires. The jetta(IMO) looks cool but I got a 2012 GTI with HID's, leather, and sunroof. Awesome car!

  11. I drove a loaded '13 Exec VR6 to compare to my pre-facelift '12 CC Sport. The new one felt very soft and numb compared to mine that actually does feel "fun to drive and sharp steering"

  12. The first gen looked better with the curvier rear end . This new one is too smoothed out and looks less aggressive.

  13. I have the 1st generation and with parking sensors and in dash distance display I never feel the need for a backup camera…and in the USA you have bigger roads and parking spaces…you need to learn to drive.

  14. Why VW Corp is surprised to see US sales going down? It is the bad quality that eroded the trust and market share. I have bought a VW CC 2014 R line 2.0 T in September 2013 and it had issues after issues from Wastegate rattle, clock springs, sway bar etc. Even after taking it 5 times and 4 clock springs later, the car makes loud rattling noise on regular Highways in Texas. I just can’t imagine a 35K USD car could make such rattling noise from the steering column area. The VW Tech came out with an excuse “normal characteristics” whereas cheaper Jetta & Passat do not make that sound on the same road surfaces. How could you fix quality control issue when this pervasive nature exists from the front line VW technicians? How could they flag issues to rectify parts design flaws if they play this game? VW CEO can dream on to be # 1 but he can’t rattle his way up to number 1!

  15. I have owned my 2013 VW CC 2.0T for about 6 months now, and I freakn love this thing! I can't imagine a better car in it's class! Consumer Reports rats on this car for having to duck into the back seats… I'm sorry but when do you ever have 5 adults in your car? Realistically someone buying a CC is purchasing it, because they have 2 kids and a wife, the 2 kids fit perfectly in the back and have plenty of room. The trunk space is enormous, so I don't know what they're going on about there. You can easily fit 3 large suitcases and 2 tote bags in it.

    The automated manual transmission does get some getting used to at first but once you understand the way the car moves and revs, you begin to anticipate the best time to push down the accelerator.

    Also, for a Turbo 4cyl engine, I've been getting approx 39.8 mpg on the highway. I don't know any turbo car on the road that can get that.

    This car is beautiful and an outstandingly smooth ride! I always get compliments on it wherever I go.  

    It's a sincere pleasure to own a Volkswagen CC!

  16. Small trunk? Which car are you comparing in this statement?
    You can fit 2 adults in that trunk 😀 – without folding the seats 😛

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