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2014 Acura MDX first drive | Consumer Reports


The latest version of the Acura MDX rounds off the rough edges on this popular three-row SUV. Reduced noise, more room, and better fuel economy will help win over luxury buyers. Too bad some of the sporty feel slipped away. Find out more about the Acura MDX: http://bit.ly/11zuUxq

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  1. 0:57 – "Maybe we should've been careful about what we wished for."

    I guess they should've…

  2. Overprice.. i rather go with Honda Pilot. I just rather go with Lexus. If you live where there are snow in the winter, this might help you on the day you need to go to work. Otherwise, you'll move to the street as home. I like electric steering to save gas.

  3. I hope some of these changes make their way over to the Honda Pilot. We're on our second Pilot and we've had really no complaints. Could have a little more horsepower. Could be just a few inches longer for more 3rd row comfort. Maybe a bit less road noise. All of those are VERY minor faults! My wife loves it and we didn't even consider any other vehicles when we bought the 2013 Pilot.

  4. The Pilot is a 3 row SUV with a 4WD system and higher ground clearance. The MDX is a 3 row crossover with lower ground clearance. For the redesign Pilot, Honda should not lower the ground clearance, but lighten the body on frame, increase the hp & torque ratings slightly, and last but not least replace the outdated 5 speed automatic transmission with a 6 speed automatic transmission.

  5. Only review that says the new MDX has lost driving dynamics. Every other review is saying how fun the MDX is to drive which is been really helped by the fact that Honda tuned this car on the Nurburgring.

  6. You are talking too soon smartass. Until recently both Pilot and MDX have been very close in many ways. Just wait for the 2014/15 model and you will swallow your words. Cheers!

  7. The last one they only buy toyota and give salespeople: "invoice out the door". Car and woman to them are nothing.

  8. the luxury gap between honda and acura have narrowed in recent years. i hear your point about pilot and mdx but they are different in various ways. pilot has a cheaper interior, more low quality plastic, much heavier car, tuned differently, ride is too soft, like driving a boat. but they do have 4 wheels and some similar luxuries..

  9. saw the car at the dealership. more futuristic looking mdx. interior is nice.. similar to honda accord touring in material. honda accord has come a long ways. the premium feel has definitely closed between the 2 divisions. in any case, very nice. however, not as solidly assembled as the germans.

  10. The outgoing pilot is based off the outgoing MDX. (not this 2014). they are on the same platform, share the same suspension components, interior materials, and tech features. in fact, some reviews have deemed a 13 pilot touring a better family car because it offers the same features, while bundling more room and better MPG at the expense of only slightly less power and non SH-AWD. the next gen pilot is going to be based on the car in this video (2014 MDX). they have always shared a platform

  11. The 2010 Acura MDX introduced electronic steering, so the sporty feel has been gone for 5 model years. This thing looks to dominate sales charts again.

  12. @1:57 OF COURSE "road feel" is gone. People want LUXURY WITH their sport, not unrefinement disguised as sport. Kudos to Acura for that. Bad Consumer Reports for discouraging it.

  13. I drive this car (SH-AWD) and it handles great. About "driving it as an idiot". The euphemism I'd use would be "driving in urban environment".
    Personally I don't miss all those 42 buttons. Texting while driving is illegal, you know 😉

  14. I'm pretty sure the next generation RX is going to offer a third row and Lexus will discontinue the GX

  15. looks really nice except i don't like the 2 screen setup. They should dump the old non touchscreen one and just have one that is touchscreen

  16. This vehicle is so sweet! I tested this 2 days ago and the steering and the drive was straight on smooth, sporty, and fun to drive. Acura did an amazing job ont this vehicle. It turned well and it handled the curves very nicely. I was hooked once I got in. Now tomorrow, I am off to see and test the Infiniti QX60.

  17. pressing the gas on corners makes you an idiot if you don't have good handling and if you don't like to drive… idiot..

  18. I drove the last generation MDX and the current generation and actually, I think the handling is a lot better. The steering is sharper and gives more feedback (especially in sport mode) than the previous generation which was way too light. The new MDX also feels like it holds the road a lot nicer and it is a lot lighter (which makes it feel faster too).

  19. If your looking for a good SUV this should be on top of the list, only other SUV i'd consider is the Range Rover but those are almost double the price… 2014 MDX is definitely worth the money.

  20. Ask the dealer if you could spend some time in a Demo model. It takes about 30 minutes to learn half the features and get accustomed to the ride. The "Sporty Feel" in some SUV's gets tedious on long journeys. Acura decided to add some "isolation" to the driver. Overall, there is some loss of feedback, but there is no lack of steering response or agility. The vehicle appears to be floating on air, but with one tug of the steering wheel. you're easily convinced the MDX is a stable performer. The MDX stays level in handling maneuvers and it magically absorbs road bumps that would normally jolt other SUV's in it's class. It can feel a little "numb" on a long drive with no curves, but that may be good thing to most commuters. 
    A warning to first time Acura buyers; There is a "dizzying" array of features that have multiple settings. It may be weeks before you actually appreciate how hard the Acura engineers worked to perfect your ownership experience. The manual is hefty, spend some time in the evenings reading it. Have your salesman introduce you to a service advisor and get his card. I've had to call the service department many times to get "walk through" on the "settings" menu. It's no joke, the Acura service departments spend are more time educating owners than they do maintaining vehicles. Acura's don't break often, the service department can appear abandon on a Monday morning. Always consult with your Acura service advisor on any maintenance issues. If you are going to let somebody who is not an Acura technician work on your vehicle, consult your selling dealer first. A stupid mistake by a "rookie" mechanic can be costly!!! (especially oil changes).  

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