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2014 BMW X5 review | Consumer Reports


The BMW X5 is definitely luxurious. But is it the ultimate driving machine? Consumer Reports puts the BMW X5 through its paces at the test track. See how the BMW X5 compares to other luxury SUVs: http://bit.ly/14Vr6uS

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  1. I'm glad CR has a sense of humor about BMW options. The testers reaction was priceless!

  2. I doesn't sound like a great compromise.  If you lose the sport feel, and skip the pricey options, it's not top of class.

  3. Those options are ridiculous! Bmw audi Mercedes and porches kill you and bend you over on the options and the funny thing is their cars arent even reliable

  4. Skip the third row seat option, and wait for the BMW X7, which competes with GL, QX80, Q7, LX 570, Navigator, and Escalade. BMW planned the production of the X7 in America, but their drivetrains and electroincs will be sourced from Germany.

  5. BMW has been taking lessons from Audi when it comes to option prices. That's how the factory makes money on these one per centers.

  6. Silver paint on my Jeep came at no cost.  Keep your cash and avoid the "ultimate driving machine".

  7. Bmw option packages are rediculous. You can get a very low Miles used one with the same equipment for $20k less

  8. Bmw option packages are rediculous. You can get a very low Miles used one with the same equipment for $20k less

  9. I'll take a CPO one back from the days when BMW didn't turn to larger and larger models, more models, and softer dynamics throughout at double the price.

  10. If you're complaining about the OPTION amount, then clearly you're not the targeted customer for the car or brand.

  11. Looks just as bad as the last gen, and now options are totally confusing and pricey. Even BMW Canadian website is annoying to navigate. 

  12. this car is intended for people who are actually working right now and earning money, so all you haters here complaining, these bmw, audi and merc suvs are intended for people with money. go home and cry. hahha

  13. As someone who has loved the first and second generation, I think it has only gotten better. The biggest complaint from the pass was a non-luxurious ride. That has been fixed, while unfortunately having to take away some of sportiness, but at the end of the day this isn't a race car. It's an everyday driver, so I'm sure they'll continue to sell better than it's $50,000+ competition.

  14. Well while BMW has got worse on drive quality it maintained the most important quality of BMW. Ripping you off.

  15. I'm a relic.  When I was a young man I performed my own mechanic work.  I remember when Disc brakes came out and we all thought we wouldn't be able to do our own brakes anymore.  But it was just the purchase of a new Brake tool and we were all doing them.  Always did our own oil filter and replacement parts.  Now I open a hood and think, is that an engine?  For me also too many electronics that I would never need or use but that I have to pay for and have a constant burden of maintaining junk I don't need.  I guess I'll go to a Go Cart or a Horse.

  16. I just purchased a 2015 BMW X5 3.5d and I'm not sure where you're getting your pricing from? I have some of the options you mentioned but at no where near your price quotes.

    Relative to its segment and competition (MB ML350, Range Rover Sport) it's pricing is actually cheaper than most. You might want to check your facts again.

  17. this guy acts like he drove the first gen x5, prolly didnt even have his licence when the first gen came out

  18. For anyone thats looking to get a used one, since this video is old. The one he drove is without the active M suspension, M sport package if you will. Therefore the steering lacks feedback, almost 0 interaction from the steering wheel to the wheels. It does feel disengaged, however that is not what it defines this X5. The seats are top notch and the suspensions are still perfect for a 5000 pound suv, while the back seats aren't recline able, it's still has a very generous leg and head room for a six foot passenger with both the front seats all the way back.

    If the ultimate driving machine is what you're looking for, it is attainable in this X5. All you need is the M sport package that will truly make this car a lot more engaging. The steering will be heavy, and heavier in sport mode. And there will be less body roll as the power can be send to the rear outside wheel when your speeding through a corner. Honestly, it's a great car, new or used. This reviewer is an idiot.

  19. This reviewer was very immature and should not have given this review. That being said, I feel the X5 50i offers the best value over the 35i 6cyl. Reasons given include the power train and engine which cost much more in the BMW 750i and an the equivalent Porsche Cayenne 8cyl as well. As models, though the Porsche Cayenne do handle better, the build quality is a notch better as well, but to me the astronomical price vs content is questionable, as to whether it justifies the cost on the Porsche Cayenne 8cyl.(turbo and turbo s). The spec performance sheet on the 50i is truly amazing when considering the weight. They're more standard options on the 50i over the 35i realizing of course that it cost 14k more, but if one waits until fall heavy discounts knock the price down cosiderably. Putting it all together, I'll have to strongly consider purchasing the X5 50i.

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