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2014 Chevrolet Silverado first drive | Consumer Reports


GM’s redesigned Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck is a big deal and faces fierce competition. But it sticks to its roots, focusing on making the truck easy to live with. The GMC Sierra is basically the same vehicle. See more pickup truck reviews: http://bit.ly/10NAJGG

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  1. The 4.3L V-6 was one of the most successful longest lasting engines in the world. These new engines are monsters but won't blow your fuel budget. Dodge claims 25 MPG, but thats with the V-6. These new GM Trucks with 5.3L V-8 get 22 MPG Hwy.

  2. they are only options. You can get a base model with fuck all in it for much cheaper if thats what you're looking for,

  3. nissan titan is getting a diesel also. cummins is working on a v8 for it. and since you can order a new ford with a cummins, the v8 should also be available for them too.

  4. gm has a 4.5 duramax with 310 hp and 500 torque for the 1/2 ton trucks and suvs but for some reason they put it on the back shelf for now. when their competition starts bringing out their diesels we might see it again

  5. yes basically that one is a 350 with the last 2 cylinders cut off like the 350 vortec in my truck. but these new engines are different. otherwise the new 4.3 wouldnt be able to hit is 285 hp and 305 tq AND still be able to hit 25 mpgs. if not it would only get like 14 or 16 mpgs like a lot of the old ones do

  6. Yea and the chevy v6 has about 100 less ft/lbs of torque and 50 less hp. So yea the v6 gets a little better fuel economy but with way less power!

  7. You mean "than" you illiteratet SOB? Look I hate v6's, and 60* motors, but as much as I do to lye to myself that the 3.5 Ecoboost Ford motor isn't the best motor in its class is a dumb thing to do. Even with GM and Chrysler releasing new model trucks since its introduction it's still the best motor in class so get over your envious, shit talking self you dumb, shit talking SOB. I mean just don't talk shit because you're a butt F'in fanboy. Be real about something you shit talking pussy.

  8. I never did quite understand why a truck with the bumpers dragging on the ground being an advantage. I guess these comments are mostly made by people who don't own truck but just test them. I even put higher sides on my truck to make sure no one would ever try to grab anything in the box from the side and risk to scratch the paint from zippers or belt buckles. Opening the tailgate to get in is the same as going in your house through the door. 

  9. ITS TO LOW  🙁 can chevy please make a bigger truck cuz a truck is built to be tall. being that low makes it easier to get stuck! this is my only problem with chevy 🙁 please fix

  10. This is a nice truck but it is to low and the F150 is taller so it's better for off road.

  11. Am digging my new 2014 Ram 1500 Laramie 4×4… But I wouldn't count out this truck or an F-150, traded my 2007 FX2 for the Ram! Test drive them all, confirm your needs and have fun! BTW I have only owned Ford & Ram/Dodge trucks.

  12. Run,don't buy chev.Recall scrap metal is what it is.Even dodge is better than that junk.

  13. That's bull.  The seats can be lift high enough for over the hood driving experience. For someone that's 5'5", you need that stepper.

  14. Newer trucks are just too big……. I like the size of the trucks from the 90's.
    These new monsters are great if you haul a huge trailer but for the rest of us it is too big.

  15. I had an 09 sierra. Looked at the dodge and ford.. Thought id give them a fair try.. But i stelled for my new silverado.. Thank goodness.

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