Home Car Review 2014 Dodge Charger R/T Blacktop Edition Owners Review After 1 Year

2014 Dodge Charger R/T Blacktop Edition Owners Review After 1 Year


I have owned this car for about 11 months and have put just over 12,000 miles on so I figured now was a good time to make this ownership review. Like every car it has a few minor things that could be improved but overall for around 30k brand new it’s an incredible machine. I couldn’t be happier with mine and would highly recommend one to anyone!

My mod list is as follows in order of when they were done:
Black Lug Nuts – $70
Window Tinting – $200
Magnaflow Exhaust – $600
Air Raid Cold Air Intake – $235
Painted Red Brake Calipers – $60
Red Interior Trim – $10
LED Fog Lights – $40
LED Running Lights – $35
LED Interior Lighting – $75
Billet Technology Catch Can – $150
Billet Technology Dip Stick Topper – $40
Hemi 5.7L Fender Badges – $45

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  1. I saw one for $12000 with about 15000 miles on it, extract same model with the beats and touch screen , is that a good deal considering how old it is now?

  2. How is the quality control on this one compared to your 2016 Scat Pack? I know you were having some issues with your Scat Pack and was wondering how this one compared. This is pretty much my goal car in the near future. Hopefully, anyway. Depending on how it works out lol.

  3. Hows the 5 speed on these chargers? I have a G8 gt and i got a good deal on one of these but i was kinda holding off for an SS

  4. I'm looking into getting a 2013 Dodge Charger RT within the next month could you plz tell me what would be the best exhaust system to get at a good price?

  5. HID's …. I have an issue with my HID lights on my 2013 RT 😔 how much do they run for or good recommendation as to where to get them? My brother says they get pretty pricey?

  6. what kind of mpg does it get i know its a stupid question but i drive alot dont wanna live at the gas station

  7. Wow I bought the charger with all the stuff you love and the stuff I hate I'm replacing the black wheels with chrome ones and replace the black grille with a forgiato chrome one

  8. Nice review! The car looks sharp…It's so funny how much people's tastes differ…i love the chrome and I hate led lights.

  9. Funny how you changed your mind on the tires lol…a year ago, you called people stupid for saying the tires suck lolol

  10. I'm looking at a 2011 Dodge Challenger RT and a 2014 Dodge charger police package… .what one would be a better vehicle???

  11. Im thinkin on gettin a new car soon i know i can get a better deal on a 2014 hemi but idk if it be better to go with the 8speed hemi 🤔

  12. It's to bad they didn't put the 8 speed in the good looking Chargers of 2011-2014s with the Hemi. The 2015s and newer, the front of them look not near as good.

  13. I just bought one EXACTLY like this Saturday. Curious, where did buy the lights on the side? My car is all BLACK so I need some color, like chrome or orange or red!! Thanks

  14. Rewatched this video and it’s funny how much foreshadowing there is at the end. 😂
    Now you own a mustang

  15. Oh my god man i fucking love your car this is my dream car i wish i had this so bad!!

  16. Disagree. Mine has a chrome grille and wheels and no goofy looking spoiler and looks awesome. A spoiler on any car does exactly what it says; it spoils the look of the car.

  17. I love my Daytona charger. I have the blue stitching and leather seats. Comes with spoiler and black grill.

  18. Did you ever have control arm problems how long the original front suspension armd Last you? For me the original get so soft and feels uncomfortable the car sway around and stuff

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