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2014 Mazda3 first drive | Consumer Reports


Redesigned to leverage Mazda’s Skyactiv efficiency philosophy, the Mazda3 combines fuel economy and agile handling into a fun-to-drive package. Get more details and specs on the Mazda3: http://bit.ly/1d66Gpg

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  1. My brakes lasted 110,000 kms before replacing on my 05 M3. I agree with you on suspension parts wearing out quickly though. I had way more rust problems with my Toyotas than my Mazdas. I guess no cars are perfect.

  2. honestly its doing very well. the second gen mazdaspeed 3 is the biggest hit out of all the mazdaspeed cars produced

  3. I like it but compared to the gen 2 speed I feel like this looks more like a wagon than a hatch idk why. ):

  4. is the manual 5spd accurate…i thought it was a 6spd for both manual and auto..or is that just for the 2.5 version?

  5. I will be getting the Mazda 3 i grand touring manuel transmission when my lease is up in April,,, I leased a 2011 Sonata SE turbo- no more leasing- will buy the Mazda- seems like a great buy:)

  6. Oh my god….people who have a prob falling asleep can just watch a car review of this guy talking …..

  7. Dear Consumer Reports, now that all of the compact are out.  I enjoyed the new Mazda 3 the most and had planned to buy one next week.  The interior and exterior looks better and it does have sporty handling.  But in your 'best value' video, I noticed you did not mention it,  Does that mean you don't consider it a good value?? 

  8. Just got the Mazda 3 i-sport 4dr sedan in soul red. I love this little car. My first Mazda after 3 Civics and a GMC Terrain. No gripes so far…

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