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2014 Mini Cooper Review | Consumer Reports


The third-generation Mini Cooper is longer, wider and just as fun and cheery as ever. Watch our newest car videos: http://bit.ly/1h0iaYC
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  1. Still can't believe how tiny the trunk is … it's mind boggling.

    Curious about a head-to-head with the Golf mk7 and the GTI mk7 for the Copper S

    Grown up Golf vs Pudgy Mini ?

  2. I don't get why people spend so much money on a Mini, is ridiculous, you just buying brand name, nothing of value here, resale value will tanked after after a few years.

  3. I just traded in my 09' CooperS at 95K-miles for a 14' GTI with a manual and it makes me miss my MINI a lot. The MINI had great power and fantastic MPGs no matter how hard you flogged it. I can't turn the corner in my GTI without the gas gauge inching down a bit. The GTI is just out of its element in tight little hilly roads and quick transitions. It's too heavy and frankly, not powerful enough for that. I should have gotten the DSG because it seems that VW catered the whole car to the auto-shift and kindda just added the manual for diehards. I truly can't wait to get back to a BMW product. Most superior in many, many ways. And yes, I am one of the those douche-bags that unfortunately deal with the maintenance and reliability issues that were more frequent than most, but the service that BMW provided, at a premium of course, is hands-down better than almost all other manufacturers. The trick with BMW is a lease. So you can walk away from it in three years just at the 36,000 mile mark. I don't have the option to lease due to the miles I pile on for my job.

  4. A speedo that you can actually read? These guys won't be satisfied until MINI makes Camries and Accords without the slightest bit of ingenuity or character.

  5. In the S model the gas consumption is excellent for the acceleration capability.  The handling is great also.  But one thing I didn't consider prior to purchasing was how I could take it for long drives and not worry about the cost gas.  My friend has a performance car that he never uses because its brutal in gas consumption.  We take ours out all the time without ever having to consider the cost at the pumps.  These days with everything being so costly a second hand Mini is actually a very sound choice if you have a second vehicle like a van 🙂

  6. DO NOT BUY MINI COOPERS!!! you will regret it.. I purchased a brand new 2011 back in 2011, that same year the sun visor was replaced 3 times. 2012, the steering wheel had to be replaced, for some reason it started peeling off black stuff. 2013 the sunvisor was replaced 1 more time. 2014, the battery died, and some some fluids were leaking out. 2015, today I just paid $180 for a diagnostic to find out what the rattling noise is about, $200 for them to fix the insulation inside the right door panel that came loose. WTH? I hardly ever use the right door. I would never be a return customer to MINI, I highly recommend everyone to stay away from MINI. You'll be wasting thousands of dollars fixing things that are not covered under the extended warranty. 

    Have you ever heard of insolation coming apart inside the door panel?!?!? MINI Cooper use very poor quality parts…

  7. No 3 cylinder motor. Another aggravating move by car companies to save themselves money with tiny dumbass complicated motors. I would love nothing more than a brand new manual JCW but Mini/BMW doesn't like to sell mini coopers which is why they all cost the same as a 7,000 lb pick up truck.

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