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2014 Nissan Rogue initially drive | Purchaser Reviews


The redesigned Nissan Rogue adds an available 3rd-row seat, exceptional amongst small SUVs. New digital options, which include a surround-perspective digital camera, and improved refinement make this Rogue far more upscale than its predecessor. View how the Rogue compares to other small SUVs:


  1. I am really looking forward to your full review of this vehicle, especially in comparison to the Forester. I like the looks of this vehicle much more than just about anything out there. But, styling is always subjective. I hope that the rest of the vehicle meets the standard set by the external styling.

  2. I hope they gave the doors, especially the exterior door handles a more substantial feel… the first generation Rogue doors feel really cheap and thin. Other than that it's a great vehicle all around.

  3. My 2014 Forester Touring w/EyeSight Package with beat the 2014 Rogue with Symmetrical AWD and CVT reliability. Subaru Forester's Lineartronic CVT is longitudinally located, versus the Nissan Rogue's CVT, which is transversely located.

  4. The new Mitsubishi Outlander is pretty nice. For CVT haters they still offer a V6 engine with 6 speed transmission. The seats are comfortable with good lumbar support. They are also offering $1000 cash back or 0% financing. As far a styling is concerned, the exterior package really makes it look sleek. Gray seems to be a popular color too. *The dealer incorrectly called this the Outlander Sport.


  5. This could be a game breaker especially if crash worthiness matches Forester. This vehicle is brimming with technology and appears to have a upscale navigation system. Consumer Reports pulls no punches. I feel you can trust them. 

  6. Interior is nice, but the exterior is just another worn out version of generic Japanese design.

  7. What is it about the CVT transmissions that everyone hates. How does it compare to a regular automatic transmission? I got a chance to test drive the New Rogue, with a little more horsepower, it would be even more serious.

  8. Hi ConsumerReports, as always good summarized review, question: how would you compare this car to the very well awarded Subaru Forester 2014?

  9. The Rogue 2015 in USA is the Xtrail 2015 in Mexico. We will get one very soon. We finish the test drive of Xtrail and Mazda cx5. We prefer de xtrail (your Rogue), more quality and tech for your money.

  10. Do research before you buy. Seems there are TONS of CVT issues. My CVT blew up in my 08 Rogue and cost me a 1000.00 to replace. Seems I was not an unusual case. I'll not be buying any Nissan products or anything with a CVT ever again.

  11. I drove the Rogue on a long trip and i can say i much prefer the CVT especially when using the cruise control. This is because a regular tranny will do crazy downshifts when using the accelerate mode on the cruise control, not with the CVT, all smooth.

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