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2014 Toyota Highlander review | Consumer Reports


Now in its third-generation, the Toyota Highlander continues to focus on providing easy-going family transportation. Watch more SUV videos: http://bit.ly/ORzFvt

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  1. The front does look like a Subaru. I think the next Tribeca replacement might share the same body style as the Highlander. There were rumors about it. The small overlap crash test got acceptable, which could have been better if Toyota actually put more effort to the side fenders to be strong enough and improve the steering position.

  2. mpg has very little to do with the number of gears it has.
    all other brands compare with toyota because toyota means standard

  3. Toyota sells a lot of vehicles, so they clearly do the reliability/value quotient well.  That said, they're Milk of Magnesia vehicles.  It's possible to up the fun factor and not alienate your customer base.  

    I suspect "Doubting Thomas" would agree with me that for similar money, the Dodge Durango is a lot more entertaining.

  4. Proud of toyota to kept a high ground clearance of 8 inches compare to other competitors lowering there SUV's more and more to basically a passenger car clearance to save some MPG. Wished they kept the center seat feature which was pretty cool and make captain chairs standard in all highlanders.

  5. In late December 2013, I bought the 2014 Toyota Highlander XLE model (sunroof and leather).  So I've had it for a month now.
    Awesome!  This accelerates soo fast (3.5 L engine) and smoothly because it has 6
    speeds that 80mph feels like 55mph.  0-60 times should be in the low 7 seconds like the 2013 model.

    – Voice activated commands for dialing a phone, playing a song, etc.
    – Double wishbone rear suspension means better handling and 3 inch wider interior in 3rd row.  We hardly felt speed bumps.
    – Shelf for cellphone, Bluetooth, hands-free
    – BIG 8inch GPS TOUCHSCREEN and backup camera and apps like Accuweather, etc.
    – Sexy styling (looks a little like Jeep Grand Cherokee and BMW X5) with chrome accents on the roofline.  Even the rear spoiler has creases as opposed to just a flat bar.  The door has creases and door's body the tapers in toward the glass window as opposed to the usual boring glass and body flushed against each other.
    – side mirrors have turn light blinkers
    – more space behind the 3rd row
    – 11 airbags (includes driver's knee)
    – traction control, stability control, ABS
    – sliding 2nd row seat makes it easy to get to the 3rd row
    – 3 ac outlets and a 110V outlet
    – Small turning radius of 38.7 feet
    – BIG 245/60/18 tires
    – Auto dimming rearview mirror
    – Easy Driver Speak to amplify driver's voice to the rear passengers
    – 3 zones a/c system and controllable by 2nd row passengers
    – Fog lights
    – Power driver seat
    – Daytime running lights
    – Rear glass on the tailgate opens so I can carry more by stacking stuff with the liftgate closed.  It's also quicker than waiting for the power liftgate to open.
    – 1 push window down for BOTH driver and passenger
    – Power tailgate
    – Push button start
    – sunshades in the 2nd row
    – garage homelink
    – heated side mirrors
    – heated seats (I live where it's hot so I don't really care about this)
    – windshield wiper deicer (I live where it's hot so I don't really care about this
    – 19mpg City, 25mpg Highway
    – 24 months free Toyota maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations.
    – Toyota has the highest resale value
    – Toyota reliability

    – Tailights are not LED.
    – White LED light in front is only in higher models like LIMITED.


    I'm so glad it does NOT have a CVT transmission because my friend owns an Aamco Transmission shop and he says they're horrible to work on and more expensive to fix.

  6. @consumereports the Highlander has had some changes transmit ion wise. Last model had a 5 speed automatic. This one has a 6 speed and Toyota changed the all-wheel drive system.

  7. Really, "Wished it had blind spot monitoring". It's called check your dam blind spot easy as that. Just because you have blind spot monitoring you still NEED to check your blind spot NO EXCUSE! He's just looking for anything to complain about…

  8. You want blind spot monitoring? Try turning your head for a quick second and look. Isn't that what you learned in traffic school? 

  9. Consumer report can you please tell Toyota to put an eight-speed transmission in the new Highlander thank you

  10. Love the new Highlander, my patents just purchased an XLE model last week. I just don't like this reviewers tone of voice, he sounds so ignorant and does sound like he hates Toyota.

  11. Last generation hybrid version got the highest marks from consumer reports than any other suv including the lexus Rx!

  12. "Odd chocolate inserts?"  lol….. I wonder if this guy wears striped pants with checkered shirts…. brown and black/tone-on-tone is very elegant and upscale… he should stick to critiquing glove box hinges and leave the subjective design aspects to real designers.

  13. I think I did my homework. I drove more cars in one month than I have in many years:
    2013 Highlander
    2014 Explorer
    2014 GMC Acadia
    2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    2014 Lincoln Navigator
    2014 Nissan Pathfinder
    2014 Honda Pilot
    2014 Honda CRV (loved it)
    2014 Honda Odessy (loved it)
    2014 Mazda 5 (very cool car)
    2014 BMW X3, X5

    Wish I drove the Kia, Hundai, and Dogde Durango. Traverse is low in city MPG. Flex is totally not my style. I can see the Durango be close, but over 500 pounds heavier (gross rating is 1K+#s more!)than the HL would loose that nimble drive I like. Even the Pilot felt a bit heavy and response felt as if it was catching up to steering action. Durango has some great  features like push buttom start, LED interior lights, sunroof, 25gal tank(vs 19) and a few features I wont get with the HighLander. But I get an extra seat, perfect for 2 family trips. We do a good amount of road trips. Other than that, there isn't much the HL has more to offer really, just the reliability and very nice drive(dual rear wishbone susp). Really nice clean and upscale looking interior. Also overall passenger volume is a bit more(Cargo Duango wins ~17 vs ~14). But Thats with seats in use(8th passenger space handicap). Overall cargo volume is almost equal 83.7 vs 84.5.  The Nissan Pathfinder has a lot going for it in this area, and some features. Too bad the reliability isn't there.

    Say all you want. If you drove it and chose the one you thought worked best for your needs, and as long as you aren't spending time at the service dealer, I think you made the right choice!

    I found the NissanUSA.com Compare tool the best website to do some side by side comparisons.

  14. FYI there is a blind spot monitor in other trims and Toyota is a good company, unlike this review

  15. Anyone else tired of Consumer Reports' reviews and how much they bitch and complain about every vehicle they drive? It's like they have little to nothing nice to say about anything they review. I see it this way, if they don't have anything nice to say, say nothing and give up your driver's license and walk 20mi to work and back in sub freezing or scorching temperatures. I was looking for a 4Runner and was given this as a suggestion. It's actually really nice and well thought out.

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