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2015 Acura TLX Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


The Acura TLX is a pretty nice car but it falls short of true luxury car ride and handling. The conservative styling doesn’t help it stand out in a competitive market either.

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  1. Acura is failing as a brand! They need new designers and new powertrains and new tech! The tlx is already having reliability with the head lights and transmission. Smh!

  2. I hate how consumer reports always bashes on Acura just because their cars aren't exactly like the Acura's from the mid 2000s -.- "Well finished wood and leather but still not as nice as most family sedans" Fuck off consumer reports I would love to have that on my car. and considering the price it makes way more sense to own one of these than overpaying for an unreliable Audi or BMW. Don't bother doing a review if its nothing but biased nonsense…

  3. Acura pricing just seems very steep for the execution of the components the consumer interacts with. Buick products seem to be a steal in comparison, and even Volvo and Lincoln seem to offer a better value. Seems a diet version of the SH-AWD would need to be standard to differentiate the brand and justify the starting prices (especially since we know the TLX will start close to $35K or more once the new ILX comes out). Maybe Acura needs to place themselves between Subaru and Audi in the public eye while looking to Buick's strategies.

  4. You can get a much higher rated Chevrolet Impala for that kind of money, and a much bigger and better vehicle.

  5. …Did they mention it scored above all luxury sedans except the 3 series and Buick Regal in their actual ratings? That means better than the current A4, old C Class, Q50, IS, etc! So, really, it is a very competent sport sedan that the editors simply don't like. Also, what family sedans have they been driving? A base TLX is nicer inside than all but the most luxurious 3-series. Real aluminum vs painted plastic… your pick.

  6. Totally agree with this review. It's a shame that while all the other Japanese brands can actually take hits at the Euro crowd, Honda, particularly it's Acura brand, has been falling short at every single aspect of the game for far too long now. How in the world did this happen? How do you go from NSX to ZDX, or from RSX to ILX? Perhaps Honda is happy with it's US market share and just don't give a darn. Perhaps it all has to do with anew focus on practicality rather than soul, fun, and sexy vehicles. Well, it doesn't matter. As long as they keep building this half-cooked effort, no former Honda fan will be going for his or her checkbook.

  7. I've been living with the dual screen infotainment system for a total of 22,300 miles now.  My current car is an RLX Sport Hybrid with 3200 miles, but I had a conventional RLX before that.  The two screens work well together.  It might take some getting used to, but the days you could just sit down and know what all the buttons did without thinking about it, or without reading something, well, those days are just gone.  I haven't seen any infotainment system that is "intuitive," and the Acura and Honda systems certainly beat Lincoln and Cadillac, if you ask me.

  8. Really enjoy these reviews and consumer reports have come a long way with how they've produce the videos and deliver key information. Thanks guys!

  9. CR : " Inside the TLX……., the cabin in well finished……, but it really isn't nicer than most family sedans" -Ouch!

    Have test driven this car twice, both times the 2.4 once base and Tech. Once drove it back to back after driving a Honda Accord EX-L.  Totally agree with the review. 

  10. Honda is so good in so many ways, but with Acura they totally miss the mark.  They need to rethink the whole thing. IMO.

  11. Looks like most of the general public don't really care about all the bad stuff about this car because it's Acura's second best selling model. Also, it's outselling the RWD and more luxurious Lexus IS.

  12. I would rather have a Ford Fusion Titanium AND a cruise to the Bahamas instead of an Acura TLX for the same price.

  13. for all the negative crap media say about acura, they're actually selling quite well. clearly doing something right

  14. This Acura may not be the best dynamic car out there in its class, but over the long haul it will still be running circles around its competition.  Those Audis, Benz and BMW's that were mentioned will be spending a lot of time in the service bay once they hit at or near the  century mark.  The Acura will still be going on road trips with 250,000 miles on it.

  15. They all complaint about the dual scream! If you don't own one than stop talking shitt cuz I personally own one and is very easy to use plus is a great car I went from a civic si to a tsx and now the v6 tlx! 😉

  16. Base TLX for $31k? damn, I love Acura but for around $18k I can get a used 2012 Optima SX turbo with below 50k miles with a bunch of those safety features, such as blind spot monitoring, panoramic sunroof, heated seats, navigation, auto dimming mirrors and other cool safety features. I always go with the Acura brand, as I own a 2005 RL right now but I think a base TLX should be lower cost >_<. The base TLX doesn't even offer anything, not even blind spot monitoring O_O. If anyone decides to buy a TLX, go with atleast the Tech package. For me, I would get a V6 P-AWS Adv package.

  17. Just brought the TLX and love it. The ride is amazing for normal driving. In my opinion it is comparable to cars costing $20k or more. We don't have an Autobahn in America so how does the car compare in everyday legal driving. It stands the test for how I drive and I have driven some of the cars that Consumers Report deems as great. By the way, CRs reviews used to be practical and started me in the Honda line 30 years ago. Now they're just like C&D or Motor Trend.

  18. My god, all consumer reports does is bitch and moan.  I hate this guy's delivery, whiney voice, and inconsistent reviews.  Yet I can't pull myself away from their reviews because I know they're going to annoy me.

  19. This Acura may not be the best dynamic car out there in its class, but over the long haul it will still be running circles around its competition.  Those Audis, Benz and BMW's that were mentioned will be spending a lot of time in the service bay once they hit at or near the  century mark.  The Acura will still be going on road trips with 250,000 miles on it.

  20. I don't find myself caring what number of standard features you have if the basic structure of the car simply isn't worth this kind of money. Let's not fool ourselves; what we have is a guised-up Accord with some touches here and there to make it 'premium'. SH-AWD maybe good, but it certainly isn't ~$42k good.

    The Germans do cost a lot, but there are better & equally cost efficient options. If you want sporty handling, get an ATS or IS. If you want comfort, get a Lacrosse or ES. This TLX is really neither, and that is rather disappointing.

  21. Did he even review the sh-awd? Or was this just the fwd version, because how is it he can make a comment about the ride handling…

  22. I personally like this car. I have a 2014 TL and it's wonderful. I owned at 2008 is250 prior and consumer reports had great ratings, mine was nothing but trouble. Car burned oil at 30k and I felt very unreliable, so back to Honda/Acura. I love them!

  23. I think Consumer Reports had an issue with the dealership where they bought their cars, and now they hold a massive grudge against Acura and trash their cars.

  24. His opinion about the cabin not being nicer than most family sedans is wrong. The cabin is really nice! It has a classy and elegant feeling to it.

  25. its well known that consumer reports holds a bizarre grudge against the Honda and Acura brands…..this video is an embarrassment to the reputation of Consumer Reports.

  26. Did the team review the 2018 model year redesign of the V6 Acura TLX?

    While the 2015-2017 model year headlights were rated as poor by the IIHS,tThe headlights were modified to improve illumination distance as shown by the IIHS test results: https://www.iihs.org/iihs/ratings/vehicle/v/acura/tlx-4-door-sedan

    Additionally, the ZF9 transmission programming was redone on several makes and models to provide better shifting. I don't think this has been reflected on your reviews.

  27. This guy's bias isn't very apparent. Why is he passing along "consumer" intel?! Best reason not to subscribe to Consumer Reports.

  28. Is it me or does this guy complain in every car review he does? The base TLX has been regarded by most other reviewers as a Sport sedan value? I don’t own one but I hear good things…
    Also, No mention of standard 4 wheel steering on the 2.4 model either…Poorly done sir

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