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2015 Audi Q3 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


The Audi Q3 stands out In the crowded small luxury SUV segment with an upright design. The Q3 gives you many things you expect from a luxury brand but don’t expect a budget price.

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  1. I'm looking for a reliable sport car but I want a cheap car can you consumer Report help me

  2. That is the ugliest segment of cars I have ever seen. And hatchbacks are "geeky"?! Is that a sick joke…?

  3. Most good drivers not need a "back-up camera" and "blind spot monitoring" and most driver who aren't lazy don't need a power lift gate.

  4. This car does not seem price worthy. I would return at no question.

    1. No sunglass compartment.
    2. MMI console seems very compact (DVD slot uses unnecessary space), buttons are small, cheap and not easy to use.
    3. Dashboard looks cheap for a 50k car. We expect more from AUDI. Interior materials are low end.
    4. Trunk is comparatively small.
    5. Did not experience any driving difference between D mode and S mode. S mode just makes unnecessary noise.
    6. Staring wheel is lose. Does not feel same.

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