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2015 BMW X4 Review | Consumer Reports


The genre-defying X4 borrows liberally from the BMW lineup to create a new flavor, creating a coupe-like interpretation of the X3, with styling inspired by the 4 Series and X6, and a familiar powertrain. Read our BMW X4 review: http://bit.ly/1kx7Qw5

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  1. I would like to Consumer Reports also add what height the car they are reviewing is for. I am 6'6" tall and find there aren't a lot of options for me in cars, suv's, etc. 

  2. Nope, no longer a BMW fan.
    You could buy an Encore and an Enclave for the price of this vastly overpriced vehicle.

  3. Next Mercedes will make the MLC, a BMW X6 competitor, which I don't understand why all these luxury automakers want to sell a vehicle that looks stylish, but won't sell well. Practicality is being compromised over styling, look what happened to the Acura ZDX. Acura stopped making the ZDX, because it was less practical and more stylish and expensive.

  4. I'm glad it doesn't have the X3 chipmunk cheeks.  Put that front end on the X3.  To hell with runflats though- they're awful and expensive.

  5. Great review emphasizing on the almost useless position of the X4 in BMW's lineup. Way too expensive yet compromising in many attributes. A much cheaper, practical, and sporty alternate will be the future BMW 4 series grand coupe hatchback, which I think will be the best 'mix' of body styles BMW has released.

  6. These vehicles are glorified mommy wagons all for the purpose of selling them to women or men who want to please women with a car. It's really just a status symbol being plunged onto the market for women who want to show off there large suv that's not a traditional suv. There is very little practicality to this car.

  7. BMW will sell you BMW potato chips too, at this point.
    Now they're just making up vehicles, just because.

  8. lawl why buy a fake bmw x6 (the x4) for 61k, if you can get a barely used x6 for the same amount or less… 

  9. You guys need to stop trying to make these reviews entertaining and/or funny. You can't do it, because you haven't hired people for that purpose, particularly this reviewer, who is about exciting to watch and listen to as his last name is pleasant to say. Just be informative.

  10. have to pay the money to be no. 1

    there's a reason it goes:
    1. bmw
    2. audi
    3. mercedes

  11. I wish BMW stop making these nonsense crap models they've been rushing to release these days already and use the resource to improve their quality control, reliability and interiors instead.
    They obviously have no idea how to spend the tons of profits they've ripped off from their adherents, or sheep the right way.

  12. this ugly shit is totally failed. BMW really needs to get rid of most number, alphabet playing. please. we're just already tired of these all shit.

  13. The longer I look at this vehicle, the world famous acronym W.T.F. will become more and more prominently displaying in my head. 

  14. Consumer reports used to be objective. So, many people whined that they favored Japanese cars, now they are favoring European piece of crap, overpriced, high maintenance junk.

  15. Look at apple.  I think apple will still get the same sales if they only offer the 5s.  They dont need the 5c.  BMW is going nuts here coming up with these ugly models where there are no F*ing gaps to fill in there lineup.

  16. Best review of this car. I love it, but ridiculously impractical. You could get a Porsche Cayenne …

  17. Insanely critical, inaccurate, misleading and wasteful review. All the points he mentioned were either benign or deliberately critical! Lying sack of shi7!

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