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2015 Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon | Consumer Reports


Near-identical twins, these big SUVs have an improved interior with better electronics. Based on the relatively efficient Chevrolet Silverado, they claim better fuel economy. Watch more SUV videos: http://bit.ly/ORzFvt

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  1. Awful video.
    These vehicles are dominant in their field, because they can hold their own, and are much more reliable than the imports mentioned.

  2. Awful video.
    These vehicles are dominant in their field, because they can hold their own, and are much more reliable than the imports mentioned.

  3. the bmx , mercede, and landrover those NOT carry as much at the gm, but u wanna buy those stupid cars for there name , thats all u buying , the german name … stupidness

  4. That was a stupid video…he kept hammering home how large the Suburban is.  Get over it.  Talk about opining.  Where is their famous impartiality?  And 17 mpg commuting (to me that is city driving) is on par with a much smaller Ford Explorer AWD or Kia Sorrento AWD and you get 10 times the capability.  I think the biggest consumers of these are the Feds and the livery market, anyhow.

    And the price…that is MSRP.  Right now they are advertising full sized pick ups with $8,600 in manufacturer discounts plus what you can negotiate with the dealer.  Please don't pretend that anyone is paying $77K for a Yukon XL Denali in about 6 months.  They might be paying that right now to get the latest and greatest, but not for long.

  5. Expedition may be an older design with a dated looking interior, but it has the more modern independent rear which gives a lot more 3rd row seating/leg room and the F-150 V-6 Ecoboost is coming for 2015. Should tow better with more torque and improve mpg.

  6. If you can afford a $77k suv then maintence costs should not be a an issue, so why would you buy one of these over a mercedes GL?

  7. I knew someone about 10 years ago who had a Suburban  with leather and such and many times he'd drive us and others in his Suburban to football games where we'd tailgate hours before kickoff. Bash GM all you want, but these big SUVs are a JOY to travel in and you have ROOM to haul anything you want!

  8. We considered a Mercedes GL but it does not have the spaciousness for passengers nor the cargo area that the Suburban does. We'll buy a Mercedes once our children are grown.


  10. You could just buy two VW Golf TDIs for a total of 58 thousand with room in your pocket. The total mpg is 46 / 2 = 23MPG for two Golfs. They come with a total of ten seats, more total cargo volume than the GMC Suburban/Yukon/Denali (whatever they call it these days). Best yet, you have the option to "not drive the whole thing" as in drive only one Golf when you need to. The Golf is also fresher and more comfortable inside.

    Or you could just buy a Mercedes GL 350 for that kind of money.

  11. GMC Needs to lower the base price and add less features into an "SE" or "LS" version of the SUV with fabric seats and no 7 inch touch screen. In addition, a six cylinder engine would make do these days. Finally, a diesel V6 would be amazing in such of a SUV. They do not need to make folding seats or boot lid automatic by default, that just adds to the cost of the vehicle. GMC can surely get the vehicle below 38000 if they were to remove such features that are trivial to most users.

  12. But then again, these Big SUVs are very reliable and have good resale value. For example, the 2007-2013 Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon/Denali/Escalade/XL/ESV have very good resale value, as it is still better than all new competitors.

  13. just test drove the expedition and Tahoe … Both 2015

    hands down the Tahoe is best .. Comfort, ride , interior style
    When you sit in it…. You see a 50K vehicle

    almost the same package in the expedition … not even close ….. hard and squared off plastic everywhere … The console will hold about 3 decks of playing cards ….. cheap looking / feeling plastic from the gear shifter to the mirrors over the visor

    Take the time ….drive both and you'll see

    Tahoe … Tried and true motor
    Expedition …. Turbos … That have issues

  14. exterior shape are not that great, was a fan but this new shapes have completely change my mind.

  15. u say the price is to high and u smile , but can those more exspensive mercs, bmw, land rover  carry as much as the tahoe suburban and yukon,  u just paying all that money for  a name brand, but when u look at it , the name dont help u do shit , and mercedes breaks down alot part are more exspensive , all of them , so weather u see it or not, chevy is longer lasting better  bigger and cheaper in the end,

  16. am I the only one who loves how SUVs and trucks handle. I love the stiff suspension that way I can feel exactly what the road is like. I would buy a truck way before I would buy a sports car.

  17. Hard to choose between the Yukon and the Tahoe. I like both but I'm leaning towards my budget.

  18. tahoe LS is under 44000…… and you could probably do better than that….i guess they forgot to mention that….

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